Access Router Login and change the router password

Right now everyone has the Internet at home, on the phone and even on the smart vacuum cleaner, but how many users are really in control of their connection?

For this it is essential to be able to access the router, the device that everyone has at home and that is installed as soon as you hire the internet. There are many models, features and prices when choosing one, although in the end almost everyone is satisfied with the device given by its operator. Of course, it is highly recommended to make some modifications to its configuration.

Access to the router is carried out through its IP address, which always seems to be, or 192.168.ll. You can enter from any browser, be it Chrome, Edge, Safari or one of your own choice.

Below we will show you, in simple words, how to enter the router, how to locate and change your access password, how to change the name and password of the WiFi network, as well as some basic operations, such as updating the firmware or opening and close ports.

How to access the router

Most Internet providers offer their clients a program, web or app to enter the router. For example, Movistar does it through the Alejandra Portal. In this Movistar router configuration tutorial, you can see it in detail.

There is a manual way of doing it that is more or less the same for all routers regardless of brand: through the browser, using their input IP address, more or less universal to all models.

To connect to the Internet and connect all devices (PCs, smartphones, consoles, tablets, etc.), the router assigns a local IP address to each device, starting with 192.168. He stays with the first:, or 192.168.ll . Other devices connected to the network have addresses of the type,, etc., but it is far from usual.

To enter the router, launch a browser. In the field where you normally write the name of the web, you want to visit, write:  It is possible that a message appears indicating that you use a certain browser. Pay attention to him. If nothing happens, then try

The screen will show the gateway to the router and will ask for your username and password. This is the access to the Orange Livebox router :

How to locate the router password

Logically, you can’t access the router settings for good. You need a username and password. This information usually appears in the manual that comes with your router. If you can’t find it, try the classic ones:

  • Username: admin or 1234
  • Password: admin or 1234

If they do not work, you can reset the phone with the factory settings to activate the previous default passwords, although you will delete the settings. This is usually done by inserting a wire into a hole in the router, see the manual. Another option is to call your operator and ask for the keys. If you google a bit by putting something like ” router XXXX keys “, where XXXX is the make and model of your router, you will find them right away. Keep in mind that these are the factory keys, they will only work if nobody has changed them.

Using the default keys is very dangerous because anyone can find them, as we have seen. So the first thing we are going to do is change them. But in principle, there are ways to recover the key if you have forgotten it.

How to change the router password

Access the router through the address  and enter the username and password that you have obtained through the methods just explained.

You will enter the router configuration menu. Each brand has its own menu and even calls the same things with different names, so here we will give a generic explanation of the steps to be taken. If you want a complete explanation, go to the router manual or the operator’s user forums or the brand of the router you use.

Regardless of appearance, absolutely all interfaces have several elements in common. As they say, “seen one, seen all”.

Almost all the router menus usually include tabs to access quick, basic and advanced configuration, as well as Administration :

To change the router password go to Administration or similar, and look for an option called Access Settings or something similar. You will see it because the current username appears, and some boxes to enter the old password and choose a new one. Normally you cannot change the username, only the password:

If you used the default password, change it to a different one. Make sure you hit the OK or Apply button and the settings are saved. Store the new password somewhere safe. If you lose it you will not be able to access the router unless you reset it! You better have it well targeted in various formats, both digital and paper.

Change the name and password of your WiFi network

One of the most common uses of access to the router configuration is the possibility of changing the name of the WiFi network, and its password. Most routers come with a default WiFi network, whose name and password are displayed on a sticker on the router, or in the manual. These default keys are easy to hack. Any neighbor can hack your default WiFi and use it for free without paying, robbing you of bandwidth. Also, if you commit a crime, it will be associated with your WiFi network. So it is important to change the name and password of the WiFi network that comes by default on your router.

Access the Configuration menu and enter the Basic or Quick Configuration section . Find the section dedicated to the WiFi network. Change your name and password:

The consequence of this is that you will have to change the configuration of all your devices (PCs, smartphones, consoles) that use WiFi, so that they recognize the new data. But you only have to do it once and the extra security you get is worth the effort.

Update the router firmware

Many routers update automatically, but others require that you do so through the IP address It is important to update the firmware of the router because it usually blocks security holes, and maybe you even get an extra speed.

In Settings, go to Administration or similar and look for the option to update the firmware:

Open and close router ports

Finally, another of the basic actions that are carried out the most when you enter the router configuration through, is the opening or closing of ports. For security, it is advisable to have the ports closed (communication channels that enter and take data from our device to the Internet). But some programs, especially games, require that certain ports be open. If the router does not do it by default through DHCP, NAT or similar, you can do it manually.


Mirosoft Excel sheets : Change the cell format in data sheet

Microsoft Excel provides several controls for dialog sheets that are useful for selecting items from a list. List boxes, combo boxes, number buttons, and scroll bars are examples of controls. For more information about Excel form controls, see general information about forms, form controls, and ActiveX controls in a worksheet.

Instead of using a calculator, use Microsoft Excel to perform mathematical operations.

How to use cells in Excel 2010?

Next, we will write the information you need to make your monthly spending budget on a spreadsheet. You will easily learn how to insert data into cells with this exercise. Also to identify rows, columns and cells in a spreadsheet; to set formats and change the color of a font or the fill of a cell.

Steps to enter data into cells

Step 1: 

Create a new book and make sure you’re on the spreadsheet you’re going to work on.

Check the topic Create and save a file in Excel 2010 if you need more information about it.

Step 2:

Once you are in the spreadsheet, select cell B2. To do this, click on the rectangle where column B and row 2 meet. You will notice that the selected cell has the thickest border and that its name appears in the upper left corner. Also, the letter of the column and the row number that are joined are highlighted.

Step 3:

Write the word  Concept in cell  B2. To do this, you can do two things:

  • Option 1: Select the cell and write the word right there. You will see that what you are writing will appear in the Formula Bar.
  • Option 2:  Select the cell and write the word in the Formula Bar. You will see that what you write will appear in the cell you have selected.

Note that …
That’s all you need to do to enter data into cells. Try both options, either is valid.

Once you enter data into a spreadsheet, you can change its format. For example, you can change the color of the letters, put decimal numbers on the numbers, or choose the appearance of the date.

How to change the format of the cells?

You can enter letters, numbers and dates in any cell of your calculation book. Also, modify the way this content looks. Click here to download the guide file for this lesson, open it and follow the instructions below.

Change the letter format:

To do this, select cells B2 , C2 and D2. Then look at the top, where it says  Font and  Alignment. Click on the highlighted buttons in the image to give bold, red color, gray background and central alignment to the words Concept, Value, and  Payment date.

Note that …
To select multiple cells, click on a cell and holding down the mouse button drag it to the other side.

Change the number format:

Step 1: To do this, right-click on cell  C4.

Step 2: Then select the Format Cells option from the drop-down menu. A dialog box will open.

Step 3: There, press the Currency button.

Step 4: Type the number zero (0) in the box next to Decimal places and click  OK.

Change the date format:

Step 1: Right-click.

Step 2: A window will open. There you select the Format Cells option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Press the Date button  .

Step 4: Explore the options that appear in the Type item. Click on one of them and press the OK button.

You can write simple formulas to add, divide, multiply, and subtract two or more numerical values. You can also use the Autosum feature to quickly add a series of values ​​without manually entering them in a formula. After creating a formula, you can copy it into adjacent cells, you don’t have to create the same formula over and over again.

More information on simple formulas:

All formula entries start with an equals sign ( = ). For simple formulas, just type the equal sign followed by the numerical values ​​you want to calculate and the mathematical operators you want to use: the plus sign ( + ) to add, the minus sign (  ) to subtract, the asterisk ( * ) to multiply and the backslash ( / ) to divide. Then press ENTER and Excel instantly calculates and displays the result of the formula.

For example, typing = 12.99 + 16.99 in cell C5 and pressing ENTER, Excel calculates the result and displays 29.98 in that cell. The formula that is specified in a cell will remain visible in the formula bar and can be seen when you select the cell.

Use Autosuma

The easiest way to add a sum formula to the spreadsheet is to use Autosuma. Select an empty cell directly above or below the range you want to sum, and on the Home or Formula tab of the ribbon, click Autosum > Sum . Autosuma will automatically detect the range to be added and create the formula. This also works horizontally if you select a cell to the left or right of the range you want to add.

In the illustration above, it shows how the Autosuma function automatically detects cells B2: B5 as the sum range. All you need to do is press Enter to confirm. If you need to add or exclude more cells, you can hold down Shift + the arrow key of your choice until the selection matches what you want. Press Enter to complete the task.

IntelliSense Function Guide: The SUMA floating label (number1, [number2], …) below the function in your IntelliSense guide. If you click SUM or the function name, it will change to a blue hyperlink that will direct you to the Help topic for that function. If you click the individual elements of the function, their representative elements in the formula will be highlighted. In this case only B2: B5 would be highlighted since there is only one number reference in this formula. The IntelliSense tag will appear in any function.

Avoid rewriting the same formula

After creating a formula, you can copy it to other cells, no need to retype the same formula. You can copy the formula or use the fill handle to copy the formula into adjacent cells.

For example, when the formula in cell B6 is copied to C6, the formula in the cell automatically changes to update the cell references in column C.


Everything you need to know about how to Close social media accounts?

Social networks were one of the most important changes in our daily life . Through them we meet new people or resume contact with old acquaintances; We do business and, ultimately, we enter into virtual relationships with people we may never see in person.

However, sometimes these ties must be broken : either because we have created a profile with which we feel more comfortable, or because the platform in question does not comply with a minimum of privacy or security (see the case of ‘ Zoom ‘, the most popular video call application in quarantine times).

The process of entering Facebook, Twitter, TikTok … is fast (they hardly demand an email or a phone number) but, once they have obtained these valuable data, leaving a social network and erasing all traces seems complicated. Below we detail how to close an account on the most popular networks or applications:

How to close different social media accounts


Although those responsible for the application promise to rectify their security flaws within 90 days, most multinationals have prohibited using it to their employees. If we do not trust ourselves either, the process to delete our account (from ‘Basic Zoom’) is to access the Zoom website , log in and select the options ‘ Account management ‘>’ Account profile ‘>’ Delete my account. ‘ Then we will choose ‘Yes’ to confirm, which will send a message indicating that the process has been completed successfully and will take us to the home page.

If, on the other hand, we have a subscription, we will have to go to ‘Account management’> ‘Billing’> ‘Current plans’> ‘Cancel subscription’ . Finally, we will click on ‘Cancel subscription’ ; We will choose a reason for not renewing it and select ‘Submit’ .

Facebook profile

Before starting the process, it is advisable to unlink the applications with which Facebook has been linked. Also keep in mind that if that Facebook account has been used to register in another application, it will no longer be accessible.

To delete the account, you have to enter it and then in ‘Settings’> ‘Your Facebook information’ . The last option in the list is ‘Deactivation and deletion’ , which gives those two alternatives: temporarily deactivate the account (you can see some of the profile information and you can continue using Messenger) or delete it permanently, which It means that in a few days all the information will disappear and you will not be able to use Messenger anymore. Both ask for the Facebook password to perform the operation and then ask for the reason for leaving the social network, although it is not mandatory to answer.

If the process to delete an account is carried out from a mobile, go to the menu on the upper right, choose ‘Settings and privacy’ and look in the ‘Your Facebook information’ section for the option ‘Delete your account and your information’ , where the possibility of deactivating the account or deleting it appears.

Deactivation of the account is canceled when you re-enter it and the deletion is reversible for at least 30 days after requesting it, but this period can be extended up to three months.

Twitter account

Like Facebook, a Twitter account can be deleted in the browser or from a mobile device. The process begins by entering the account and choosing ‘Settings and privacy’ from the menu on the left (three points inside a circle, located at the bottom). Next, we choose ‘Account’ and ‘Deactivate your account’ . Once the process has started there are 30 days to restore the account before Twitter permanently deletes everything. Twitter warns that some of the information may continue to appear in search engines.

Instagram profile

It is one of the social networks that most hides the option to delete the account. In fact, to do this you have to enter a specific page and it is not possible to make the request from the menu of the account you want to delete. If you enter this link while inside the account in the browser, Instagram recognizes the profile directly and remembers the option to temporarily disable the account, for which it offers another direct link. To delete the profile, you must indicate a reason and in each case it gives different options. At the bottom of the page there is the option to permanently delete the account, for which you need to enter the password.

LinkedIn account

After accessing the account, you must enter the configuration options that are indicated by the word ‘I’ (in the upper right, under the profile picture), and then go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ . Then you have to select the first option in the menu, ‘account’ (by default it is marked ‘Privacy’). The last option that appears is ‘Close your LinkedIn account’ . If the deletion request is made, the contacts will be lost as well as any recommendation and validation that has been made or received.

LinkedIn also asks for the reasons for leaving the social network and you must choose one before clicking the ‘Next’ button. The last step is to write the password of the account and select the ‘Delete account’.

In both cases , the account can be reopened if 20 days have not elapsed since the request to close, although if it is recovered, the validations and recommendations, the ignored or pending invitations, the people and companies that are being followed, and the participation in groups.


The short video network is increasingly popular with younger people. To request the deletion of the account, go to the profile page to be deleted, click on the three points in the upper right corner and select ‘Privacy and Settings’ . There we choose ‘Manage account’ and then ‘Do you want to delete your account?’ . Finally, you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

The deletion of the account is irreversible and permanent: you will not be able to log in to Tik Tok again, you will lose access to all the published videos, you will not be able to return the purchases that have been made and the information that is not stored in the account, like chat messages, will remain visible to others.


How to Grow and expanded your Digital marketing Business?

Over time, digital marketing has become more popular. Ways of reaching a customer have become more creative, to the point where they can be expanded worldwide. That is why, I will talk to you about how, the growth of digital marketing can be a great option, for those who have a company and how Suma y Sube can help you.

The growth in digital marketing

Digital marketing tries to use all possible digital media to deliver your product to the customer. Do not confuse it with online marketing, since even if it is through the internet, it covers a smaller sector. Instead, with digital marketing, it is about increasing marketing, from traditional to all possible digital media.

As it is a very complete strategy, it is normal that the growth of digital marketing is triggered, since it allows not only to talk about a brand on different sites. But it allows the client to interact.

  • Information is shared on social networks
  • Information exchange
  • More specific product searches
  • Permission for customers to comment with feedback
  • Talk about the brand freely

The growth of digital marketing refers to strategies that make your products, the brand or the service, are in constant motion.

Digital Marketing in Business

Thanks to the strategies that exist for digital marketing, the business can be taken to another level. If you apply the different digital marketing strategies you can achieve the following.

  1. You will know the real demand of the products
  2. You can send him products that are not usually for sale or that there is little quantity
  3. You can make changes to products or strategies with feedback
  4. You will increase your sales

Join the wave of digital marketing, because if growth will make your business go through the roof.

Experience has shown that it is not enough to just have a website, an online store or a presence on social networks. If these advertising, promotion or communication tools are not accompanied by positioning strategies typical of digital marketing or online marketing, growth will be low and not very productive.

The market has changed, and so have businesses and consumers, and they have become agents more committed to innovation, the internet, technologies and social networks, there is even a trend that they first look for what they need on the internet and the RRSS and then they visit physical stores.

Online Marketing not only helps to increase sales, but also to take care of the image, make PR, give greater visibility, have more customers, retain it, etc. But in this way of working, the positioning is not only valued and that the user easily finds the company, since they must seek to buy and repeat, to be a prescriber or intermediaries of our services, and to satisfy their needs.

Statistics say that almost 78% of users who search Google only review the first and second page of results, for this reason you must be visible and properly positioned. Digital marketing strategies (online) increase the chances of finding new customers, helping to increase sales, margins and economic income.

Looking for the first sale and also customer loyalty, and for this we recommend taking advantage of the web, social networks, strategies within google, even chatbot tools to maintain communication and connection with customers. Online marketing is currently being exploited to launch communities that interact with the company, seeking networking and loyalty.

SEO strategies are key, as well as proper positioning, along with the analysis of the business website, and then the creation of campaigns, strategies and proposals is launched.

Therefore, companies that want to have a high positioning of their website must-have tools such as a website as the main pivot, social networks, which must be used to serve, and a blog, to upload quality content. Email marketing also allows constant communication with customers and announcing new products or services. All these topics are developed in the next MK Open Bilbao Congress.

Digital marketing is increasingly relevant within our global marketing budget. During the last three years, its growth has been constant, and if we break this item down, we see that the mobile device is the one who earns the most in this increase. Precisely, according to the latest report prepared by PwC on the Entertainment and Media sector – which has been presented this week in Spain – in the world, digital already accounts for more than half of the industry’s income and, in Spain, it will be engine of growth of the sector in the next five years.

However, I believe that in this “digital” environment, traditional media maintain fundamental importance. Its role is key, due to its reputation, credibility and prescribing power. In addition, we must recognize the great effort that these media are making to offer advertisers innovative formats that allow us to get our messages to their audiences.

The mix of platforms and technology solutions are greatly sophisticated strategic planning and execution. Where we used to talk about “the campaign”, in general, now we carry out individual analyzes of the content and its different adapted formats, we establish specific KPIs and attribution models, we dedicate more investment to Martech, Adtech, we are obsessed with optimizing the funnel of conversion, we carry out special actions with the Internet of things or virtual reality and, of course, we monitor campaigns in real time.

On the other hand, marketing automation is the most exciting opportunity brands have for years to come. The attractiveness undoubtedly lies in the increased efficiency that it can provide, which in turn is key to improving the user experience.

So we have even changed how we organize ourselves internally. We are committed to a more transversal way of working, with a direct relationship with other areas such as CRM or digital channels. In addition, we incorporate new specialized profiles in data analysis, content production and the application of technologies that allow the segmentation and personalization of the message in creatives.

This year the Group’s first Digital Marketing award has been won by the Brazilian team , for an innovative, original campaign whose results exceeded the most optimistic expectations. Congratulations to Danielle Lima and Bruno Costa for your Marketing Mix Modeling initiative and its application in the Black Week Santander campaign.


The Best Skype alternatives which you need to try once

Although it is true, for long time video calls have become the main communication mechanism for most people. Firstly, because they are cross-platform and thus, it is possible to carry them out from any computer, mobile phone or tablet and, in addition, they provide a great convenience for users to communicate with their family and friends from anywhere. Also taking into account that they do not require many tools to run, because just having a device with an Internet connection, headphones with a microphone to ensure absolute privacy and have free Voice Over IP or VoIP software; you can make a video call.

VoIP programs refer to a set of resources that make it possible for the voice signal to travel over the Internet using the IP protocol. One of the best known is Skype, which for many years has brought about a revolution of this type in the online market to make calls and video calls to any city in the world and in a simple and inexpensive way . However, today there are many more applications that make video transmission between partners possible and provide excellent tools to their users.

Therefore, it is necessary to know all the alternatives to Skype or better said, the best to have other solutions at hand and of course, try other platforms that may seem more beneficial to you than the aforementioned, best fit your requirements and in Definitively, they offer you what you have been looking for to establish optimal video conversations with whoever you want.

Skype is one of the classic communication services, online calls and video calls. The software was born years ago and became one of the most popular because it allowed us to communicate for free and even make video calls with friends or family. It is also one of the most useful tools for teleworking thanks to the possibility of making group calls or sharing the screen. But it is not the only one and we collect the best alternatives to Skype.

Video calls have become part of our daily routine. We use them to talk to friends who are far away, to family or even to our bosses when they have something to communicate with us. Teleworking is becoming more and more common, but also teaching online and explaining the subject through a screen. Whatever you are looking for, there are alternatives to Skype that you can use on many devices. Alternatives for family group calls, to work, to give lectures or classes or even to make video calls while you play.

Best alternatives to Skype

Google Hangouts

One of the most classic although not widely used, but one of the best alternatives to Skype is Google Hangouts. Focused for a long time on the professional field but also on the staff, it is not as well known as Skype and the others. It allows meetings with up to ten people and the application is free and cross-platform: you can access it from your computer but also from iOS phones or tablets or from Android phones or tablets. To register you only need to have a Gmail account with email and access.

It is comfortable and free and allows up to ten people making it ideal for group video calls. Beyond using it for video calls, you can use it as a regular chat tool, to send written messages, attach photos … And its multiplatform function is one of the most interesting options if you are going to use it for teleworking, for example.

Google Duo

Beyond Hangouts, Google has Duo, a messaging and video calling application. The duo works on any device and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPad and the web version so you will not have problems connecting. And if you have smart speakers with a Google display, you can also use them for this. In addition, it allows group video calls with up to eight people so you can also use it for any group conference you want.


FaceTime is one of the most popular video call applications in recent years and is compatible with mobile devices or desktops. But it has a problem: it can only be used between iOS users. You can make video calls with FaceTime from the iPhone, iPad or from brand laptops or computers but you will not be able to do it from any PC or from any Android phone so the possibilities are more limited when it comes to communicating with friends and family because it will depend of the device they have at home.

FaceTime is included on all Apple devices and you can make video calls using Apple’s emojis, for example. It also allows you to make group video calls with versions equal to or greater than iOS 12.1.4 and with a maximum limit of 32 participants, which makes it one of the best if you are looking to make conversations with many people. Of course, all of them will have to use iOS.


Discord is a free, complete and recommended application for teleworking or for any other field. It is free and works through servers that you can connect to. Group video calls allow up to 50 people and allow very interesting options such as screen sharing for tutorials, limit the number of times each user can write, add bots, add installed games … It is one of the most complete and elaborate options. If you want something complete, it can be perfect for you. If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated alternative, perhaps it is better to bet on the classic messaging applications that you already have.


WhatsApp is one of the best alternatives to Skype if you are simply looking for something to always have on hand. The advantage is that practically everyone has WhatsApp and that it is one of the most complete messaging tools: it allows video calls, group chats, individual chats, voice calls … The drawback is that the web version does not have the possibility of video calls, although you can send written messages, attach files, send photos, etc.

We all use WhatsApp every day so it is one of the best alternatives to Skype if you are looking to make video calls with leisure friends or family, one-time video calls. It is not the best for the workplace because it is not comfortable not to have it available in a computer version. Also, the other drawback of WhatsApp is that group calls allow a maximum of four people. Of course, for your day to day or for individual video calls it may be the best option.


Zoom is not a new application but in 2020 it has become fashionable in order to telework since it offers the possibility of video calls with up to 100 participants, which makes it very interesting if you want to meet online with the whole family or if you want to meet your entire company in one conversation. Up to 100 free participants or even 1,000 participants at the same time if you bet on the paid version. But with conditions: these group meetings have a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting, then you will have to recreate it again. If you want more minutes, you have to pay. It is focused on the point of view of “meetings” that a host can create and that other users who have a username and password that allow them to join. Or you can add you contacts from the phonebook of the mobile phone.

It is not focused on the day to day and we do not recommend it if you are looking for alternatives to Skype to call your friends or your cousin. Yes, it is a good option to give work talks, for meetings, for conferences or to teach students since they can connect without audio and simply listen to what you are saying. It also has many useful options that allow you to share files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox, share the screen or even access a perfect whiteboard to teach what you need through it.



What are the difference between invoice and quote and which is better in that?

When it comes to making invoices for use, it seems that we are all more or less clear about what they are, how they are used and what for. But when we get a billing program and it gives us the option to create delivery notes, budgets and proforma invoices, the doubts begin.

In this article, we are going to try to shed a little light on what are the main differences between a pro forma invoice and a budget.

What is an invoice?

A proforma invoice is a document whose use is very widespread among freelancers and employers. This is usually used as a draft before issuing the final invoice. It is very common to use proforma invoices for international trade.

It is mandatory that the words “proforma invoice” appear on it. It is important to remember that the proforma invoice has no fiscal or accounting validity. This means that a proforma invoice is not a substitute for an invoice and therefore a service or advance cannot be charged using a proforma.

Does the proforma invoice have to bear VAT? Although as we have already said a proforma has no tax value, it is recommended to include VAT so that the client can see the real value of the goods or services.

The proforma invoice differs from the budget in some respects. Both documents can be used for a similar purpose; but generally, they have a number of key identifying elements.

Among its similarities we can highlight that both the proforma and the budget are documents that lack fiscal or tax validity, and therefore cannot be used as supporting documents for the Treasury.

Of course, both are supporting documents regarding the terms set in the agreement, such as the price, transportation costs, the operations that will be part of the final transaction, etc. In this way, they may be useful in the event of discrepancies once the initial conditions of the operation have been accepted.

What is a quote?

A quote is a document or offer (which can be open or closed) about the terms (such as payment terms) and the price of a good or service.

It is quite common that a budget is open to negotiation with the client. As a general rule, the professions in which the use of budgets is habitual do not offer closed prices but are adapted to the characteristics and situation of each individual client.

Like the proforma invoice, the budget has no fiscal or accounting value. This is why you can neither collect an advance on a budget nor charge a good or service.

In most cases, quote are made by individuals or companies that offer a service that does not have a fixed price, so it is vitally important to strike a balance between being competitive and not devaluing work. Only in this way, the budget will be moderate and taken into account by the client. To make a balanced budget, you have to take into account that costs are covered, that there is a profit margin, the market price, and possible promotions.

What is the difference between a proforma invoice and a quote?

Typically, a proforma invoice involves a more developed business relationship between the customer and the seller than a quote. The nature of the budget is more that of an offer that the client can accept or not, while the proforma invoice is more “closed”.

It is usual for the final invoice to coincide with the proforma, while compared to the budget, there may be a greater discrepancy in the terms or even in the final price.

In the price or tariff negotiation process, normally a budget is sent first and once the client gives the approval to said budget, a proforma can be sent to the client as a “draft”.

In turn, the use of proforma invoices is more common in international trade, often used to declare goods at customs. It is also common for some clients to request a pro forma invoice in order to request bank financing.

To conclude, it is important to understand that a budget or a pro forma cannot replace an ordinary invoice, since they do not have fiscal validity. Normally, the budget is associated with a more open business relationship and the proforma with a more developed and formal relationship.

Perhaps the most obvious difference between both documents is that the proforma will contain a formal image and an invoice format, with all the details of the transaction well broken down: supplier and issuer tax data, base price, VAT, etc.

The only difference with an ordinary invoice is that the proforma contains a different serial number and a special heading in the upper area of ​​the header, to indicate that it is not indeed a document with tax validity.

However, the budget does not have to contain an invoice aspect, and in many cases it can even be formalized in an email, without the need for a specific document.

For this reason, in certain sectors such as international trade in which transactions require special security between the two parties to the operation and, therefore, a more formal document is required to prove the conditions of the agreement, the pro forma invoice is usually the means preferred to set the details of the operation.

On the contrary, in work areas where less formality is required, the budget is usually a simpler way to detail the transaction.

Which is better

It can be said that none is better since each one serves a purpose and should be used in a certain situation. In conclusion, the main difference between the two is that the budget is a less formal document, which has no validity beyond the word of the person presenting it; and the proforma invoice, is a document that contains clearer, more advanced and relevant information about the operation that will be carried out between both parties, and that will have to be respected in the event that the agreement is carried out.

As you can see, it is easy to decide between a proforma invoice or a budget, depending on the information you want to give your client, and the degree of commitment you want to maintain with him.


Things which you need to know about Harvesting in the farm and its process

An agricultural farm is a sector of land dedicated primarily to agricultural processes with the primary objective of producing food and other crops; it is the basic unit of food production. There are specialized units called arable fields, vegetable farms, fruit farms, and where the soil is used to produce natural fibers, biofuel, and other bulk goods. Among the names given to it are fields, ranches and plantations.

Agriculture developed independently in different parts of the world, as hunter-gatherer societies transitioned to food producers, rather than capturing their food. It is believed to have started about 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock in the Fertile Crescent in western Asia, soon followed by grain cultivation. Modern units specialize in crops that adapt to the soil and climate conditions of the region, the result of the harvest is marketed either on the market or for further processing.

When we finally started our own mixed vegetable operation in a 77-hectare field previously used for corn, there were no trees, much less a cold room. We do not think it would have a greater consequence.

After all, our purpose was to provide the freshest possible product to our CSA members. We woke up early enough to harvest everything we planned to distribute that same day.

What can be better than freshly picked vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, and squash?

It wasn’t until our customers started complaining that our mezclum seemed to spoil in their coolers faster than the weekly California product; so we started to take a closer look at what we were doing.

We realized that our responsibility for high-quality vegetables does not end once our product leaves our farm. Many of our customers stored our product for several days (even weeks) after we thought they would be consumed.

We learned that how we handle produce before, during, and even minutes after harvest has a huge impact on its long-term quality. Deterioration happens for a number of reasons including temperature, water loss, physical damage, disease at the microorganism level and even the normal process of product maturation.

Now we take those factors into account from the very beginning. In most cases, it has made us improve our harvesting efficiency because we get the job done faster and the increased taste and shelf life of the product definitely makes the effort worthwhile.

Aside from generating a higher quality product that will last longer in our customers’ refrigerators, we can also harvest less frequently (which means that we can harvest more product with less work for our CSA distributions).

Before Harvest

Our post-harvest care begins a few days before we harvest with a factor that we have some control over: water!

We make sure the soil has enough moisture before we harvest green vegetables and lettuce. All too often this means irrigation before harvest – but not just before harvest, because we don’t want to work with wet leaves. We do the same with the carrot – irrigating enough to minimize the effort required to pull the product out of the ground without having to exert as much force, reducing the physical effort on the product and on our backs.

For other vegetables such as tomatoes and melons, we take the opposite approach and reduce or stop irrigating as the harvest approaches to concentrate flavors. This brings with it several restrictions with certain variations of melons in which the harvest is done less frequently, but this is not the case with tomatoes. We grow our tomatoes in high-end open tunnels so that we have perfect control over how much water they absorb, allowing us to coordinate the harvest to ensure the greatest amount of flavor.

It is a surprisingly persistent myth that tomatoes ripen better on the vine than on the vine. In fact, on hot days, tomatoes don’t ripen as well or evenly attached to the vine as they do apart. If you don’t believe me, do a blind test with your clients! What really matters with the taste is how much water you have given your tomatoes a day or two before harvest. We reduce our irrigation cycles 50 hours before harvest and completely eliminate irrigation 36 hours before harvest – restarting irrigation immediately after harvest. If you’ve tested the difference between tomatoes harvested right after a storm, against a few days of not receiving water, then you already know what a difference this can make.

Although we grow a wide variety of specialty tomatoes, we have found that we can impressively concentrate the taste of our hybrid tomatoes to the point that our customers do not prefer specialty tomatoes over hybrids when presented with the choice.

Giving a complete 180 ° turn to our previous arrogant claim of “freshly harvested” vegetables, we have found that scheduling harvests based on climate and humidity (water) leads to better long-term quality of our products.

For example, I prefer to harvest lettuce about three days before it is ready in case there is a possibility of rain on our distribution day. The same with coriander and other delicate products. Some varieties of broccoli are especially susceptible to fungal contamination caused by rainwater deposits, so they can be harvested before the product is ready in case of a possibility of rain, if adequate storage conditions are in place.

During Harvest

The most important thing to remember is that the quality of the product will not improve once it is detached from the plant. Small indentations in tomatoes – or areas contaminated with Swiss chard, get worse every day. We dispose of poor quality products in the field instead of having to sort it after harvest where it can make a complete basket look bad.

We pack baskets loosely rather than overflow, even if this means more movement to and from the field during harvest, and we minimize stowage of one basket over another during transport if we see that one basket can collapse inside another damaging the product. If we find damaged produce on the farm after harvest, we separate it immediately, BEFORE introducing it into the cold room.

I harvest the pumpkin with cotton-jersey gloves, but my wife Kate has a beautiful and soft woman’s hands so she does it without gloves. We have seen what perforations and scratches can do to a summer or winter squash – and we remind ourselves that we are not harvesting for the quality of 2 days prior to distribution, but for the next 10 days that our customers can store our product in their refrigerators.

Vegetables are never thrown in baskets, and baskets are never thrown on the ground. If we have helpers, they are trained in the importance of gentle touch when handling the product.

Because we harvest our tomatoes as soon as they show signs of being ready (at first glance) the product is more resistant to damage even if they are packed to a higher level in the baskets. Still, we prefer that our hybrid tomatoes are not stowed in baskets in more than 3 layers, and specialty tomatoes are packaged in a single layer with nothing placed on top of them. We harvest them to the same basket in which they will be stored to avoid damage caused by handling.

The vegetables that we will be cooling with the use of a hose, we ensure that our baskets have holes that allow water to be drained from the baskets.

Post-Harvest Temperature Control

The table at the end of this article shows the optimal storage temperatures for a selection of vegetables. Even if you can’t reach the perfect temperatures, if you get anything out of reading this article, I hope you are aware of how critical it is to bring the product as close as possible to ideal temperatures as early as possible once they are separated from the plant. .

To use strawberries as an example, the ideal storage temperature is 32 ° F (0 ° C). If you store them at 65 ° F (18.3 ° C) then you reduce their shelf life by 70%. That sounds pretty bad, but the worst part is leaving them at 77 ° F (25 ° C) only for the duration of the harvest. If it delays refrigeration for only 4 hours after harvest and reduces the life of the product by almost half. Wait 6 to 8 hours and it returns to a 70% reduction regardless if you refrigerate it at 32 ° F (0 ° C) immediately after that time.

Also remember that the effects of temperature are additive. The greatest damage occurs immediately after harvest, as the crop is often even hotter than 77 ° F (25 ° C) because it has been receiving sunlight. But even after it has been refrigerated, they will heat up again at the farm counter, and then in their customers’ cars. All those sub-optimal conditions times accumulate to destroy the quality of your products, so it is very important that you control what you can control – especially during the first 30-60 minutes immediately after harvest!

In the case of especially sensitive crops such as strawberries, it is also a matter of marketing. We used to desperately search for clients for our strawberries every spring before they went bad. It was frustrating enough that we considered dumping the entire harvest. Now, we regularly sell strawberries 3 to 4 days after harvest that look much better than the 1-day-harvest strawberries we previously sold.

Some crops are cooled through the use of water, which means they are sprayed with ice cold well water. If you have helpers, it is really important to alert us about the serious damage caused to a fruit by directing a jet of water pressure towards it. Strong crops like kale, cabbages, turnips, carrots, beets can withstand a jet of water; But we don’t do that for green vegetables, lettuce, basil, coriander, or other crops that could retain water, causing other types of spoilage problems.


Do you know how to make frozen paint with colors and how to use it?

This weekend we have done an activity with frozen paint! It is very fashionable, we did it at school, in all the blogs they teach different activities with frozen paint, so we were not going to be less.

I do not dilute the paint with water, directly, but at school they did mix it a little so that it was not so thick. To an ice bucket, a stick or anything with which you can then manipulate it … and voila !!

Painting, an activity highly required by children and that in this post becomes an experience. I propose a sensory activity that you can take advantage of by working more areas. An original way to develop creativity, design a poster to decorate and play individually and in groups. Be sure to see the beautiful and colorful results in the post.

The idea is very simple and the paint can be made from different materials that we have at home at the time.

It consists of filling an ice cube tray or pole molds with finger paint, adding a stick to hold them and then freezing it. It is also useful if we do not have finger paint, any other type of paint suitable for children that we can dilute in water, or food coloring, that is, the latter comes out worse from the skin and the idea is that we do not have children in multicolour mode. weekend.

If we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a great garden or outdoor area, but if we have to do it indoors we must take certain precautions since the resulting paint once thawed will be quite liquid.

Well, once we have frozen our paint we will take them apart and leave them in a container with more ice to help them withstand cold most of the time. And now we just have to take out some cards or sheets to let our little ones unfold their artistic streak.

You can also try to paint your body and thus, the fun of the painting itself will add the sensation of ice running through the skin, surely the little ones love it. Of course, although they are suitable for children, it is better to ensure that they are not confused with flavored poles.

What we can work during the activity

You can do this task for fun, an original way to entertain yourself. But if you want, you can take advantage of it:

  • Make dynamics to learn or revise the colors: if they play in a group that one of the children names the colors that each one has to use, that the colors that appear on a dice are used, paint with shades based on metaphors (paint with the color of the sun, paint with the color of the sky …)
  • Learn the concepts of cold, hot, humid and dry:  for example, we paint with the cube that, ah, it’s cold! Touch the paint on the paper that is wet, what part of the paper is dry? that we do not paint is warm …
  •  Experiment with colors: for example, what happens if we mix the colors yellow and red?
  • We paint and review the shapes
  • We respect turns: it can be done by everyone, or if you want to encourage your children to wait their turn, do it this way. You can use the wheel of turns or name who is playing.
  • Encourage expression and interaction: either verbally, by gestures or pointing, that each child names the partner he wants him to paint and the color to use.

There are countless different techniques and materials that we can vary when drawing, painting or modeling. It is important to have a surface protected by a washable tablecloth and use old clothes so that we do not worry about disaster and simply enjoy the moment together.

Here we will show you a new option to surprise your little ones. We are going to paint with frozen colors. This technique is ideal for those little ones who don’t like getting dirty. The result is so attractive that very young children may believe that the paints are palettes (poles) and put them in their mouths, so it is important to reserve this activity for children 3 years and older.

The projects inspired by the process art or art process have step by step instructions, there is no right way or wrong way to develop the project (only limits basic as pulling the materials to the soil or eat the paint), the art of each child is unique and original, the experience is relaxed and the children are the owners of the art and creation process.

To make the ice paint you need:
  • cardstock sheets (thick)
  • Water
  • colored temperas
  • an ice tray/bucket
  • ice cream sticks
  • a dish
  • Fill the tray with water half or 3/4 
  • In each space of the ice tray put a color:  mixing the water with the tempera (half tempera, half water for intense colors, but with 3/4 water 1/4 tempera it also works)
  • Leave the tray in the fridge for about 30 minutes (if your fridge is super fast check the tray after 20 minutes)
  • Put a stick in each color . After 30 minutes the water should be turning into ice which is going to make the stick stand without help. If you let too little time pass, the water will not have hardened a bit and the ice cream stick will not be able to stand, and if you allow too much time, the water will have completely turned into ice and it will be impossible to put the ice cream stick.
  • Put the tray back in the fridge until the ice cubes are ready (I recommend preparing the ice cubes the day before the day you are going to use them)
  • Take the ice cubes out of the fridge just before you use them and put them on a plastic plate. Children can choose colors and make their own artwork.

With this activity you will expose the children to a new material, they will practice the colors, and you will review the concept of “cold”. In addition this is a “friendly” activity for children with Sensory Processing Disorder since thanks to the stick children can avoid getting their hands dirty or touching the ice.


Useful Whatsapp tricks which you need to know while using it

Since its birth about six years ago, WhatsApp has grown to more than 1,000 million users and is one of our most common apps in many cases. From there it has also evolved with its particular rhythm adding more functions, but we do not always know how to use them or even that it exists, and here we have gathered 17 tricks for WhatsApp that bring together many of them.

There are functions that are more accessible and others that are not as intuitive or that we configure outside the app itself . Do you want to send messages from the voice assistant without touching the mobile? Know who has read your message in the group? We explain how to do these and other things on WhatsApp.

Whether you have an  iPhone or an Android, I am sure that one of the applications that you use the most in your day to day is WhatsApp. It is the most used instant messaging service in the world and the one with the largest number of users. Despite this, one of the main criticisms of  WhatsApp is that its application is very limited compared to other options.

But is this true? Is it really very limited? Compared to some competitors, perhaps, but the WhatsApp app hides many “secret” functions with which you can do much more than you think. 

Would you like to know some of these secret functions and other tricks of WhatsApp? Keep reading to know or tricks to get more out of the WhatsApp app on iPhone and Android.

Different Tricks to use WhatsApp:

1. Choose what to show

Like other messaging apps or social networks, WhatsApp allows us to configure a profile with our photography, aliases and status. By default, this will be visible to anyone including the last time we have connected, but we can restrict it so that only our contacts or nobody can see it .

To do this we have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and choose the settings we want for displaying the avatar, status, and last connection time. In the case of the last connection time, we will be able to see that of the rest according to what we choose: if we choose “nobody” we will not see the last connection time of the rest, and the equivalent if we choose only contacts.

2. Command the ticks

From the beginning WhatsApp signaled the sending and receiving of messages with ticks, to later indicate the status of the reading for the receiver with the famous double tick or double blue check . This, in fact, brought some controversy precisely by hinting that the message had been read when this was not always desired.

Initially, it could not be deactivated until the developers gave in to requests from users who did not comply with the imposition. Thus, if you do not want to be notified that you have read the messages (or know if your contacts have read yours), you will have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and uncheck the box/switch of “Reading confirmation”. Of course, in groups, this function will continue to be active.

In addition, we can always read the messages from the notification center , so that the app does not open and it does not reflect that we have read them. This was already explained by the colleagues of Xataka Móvil , also remembering that we can use pop-up notifications (on Android) or airplane mode (without forgetting to close WhatsApp as soon as we have finished reading) so that our reading is not recorded.

3. The bots that WhatsApp does not give us (Android)

In this case, it is not something that we find per se in WhatsApp, but rather a function that we see in other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram and that with an external app we can integrate into it: bots. For this we can resort to qeuBot, an app that allows you to make use of a series of bots in a similar way to what we see on Telegram, that is, by mentioning them.

Among these bots we find the following:

  • General information : we will call @wiki (example: “Hans Zimmer @wiki”).
  • Current information : we will call @news (example: “Tech @news”).
  • Information about the weather : we will call @weather to find out the weather in a city (example: “Valencia @weather).
  • Information about the cinema : here it uses the IMdB database, therefore we will call @imdb (example: “Interstellar @imdb”).
  • Horoscope information : we will call @horoscope (example: “Pisces @horoscope”).
  • Image search : turn to Bing to display images of what we say (example: “Paris @pic”).
  • Search for GIFs : GIFs could not be missing, and in this case we called @gif (example: “cat @gif”).
  • Calculation function : to perform simple operations we will call @calc (example “34 x 4 – 12 @calc).

What we consult will be automatically sent to the conversation as soon as we send the query, and for some like Wikipedia, we can configure the language in which we write. The app has two versions : the free one and the paid one (1.69 euros). The bots not included in the free version of the app are the search for images, GIFs and news.

4. Format the text

A function whose arrival we eagerly awaited those of us who use the format resources to highlight words within a text and do not settle for quotation marks or capital letters, and which the colleagues of Xataka Android explained to us in detail . So, what we can do is put bold, italic, strikethrough or monospace type (fixed-width), or combine them. Simply by adding certain punctuation marks according to this code:

  • Bold: open and close with asterisks (*) the word or phrase that interests us.
  • Italic: open and close with underscores (_)
  • Strikethrough: open and close with pointers (~).
  • Monospace: open and close with three open accents. Example texto.
  • Combination of formats: the order must be taken into account to enclose in the correct order. That is, the first symbol to open is the last to close (in mirror, not repeating the order).
    • Correct order: _ * text * _ (would appear in italics and bold)
    • Incorrect order: _ * text _ *
5. Emoji, emoji everywhere! And big

The fever of the Emoji symbols is far from over and Unicode is expanding the assortment with regional pictograms, gestures or professions among many other categories. On WhatsApp what they implemented a few months ago was the possibility that these vary in size, depending on the number of symbols that we put, as explained in Xataka Android .

Thus, there is no need to do anything beforehand or insert characters as with formatted text. It is somewhat automatic when sending the message , depending on the number of Emoji that we put in a row (all being equal), with four or more symbols being the normal size and only one Emoji being the largest. Of course, when there is a different character between them, the size will be the standard, as well as if we put them after writing text.

6. Reply with GIFs

GIFs are the language of the future, we all know that, and they needed to be added on WhatsApp. But beyond jokes, it is something that has become popular and that other social app such as Twitter and Telegram ended up integrating so that you do not have to leave them to insert them.

On WhatsApp, they did that by resorting to the huge Giphy database, although it is not entirely intuitive. GIFs have their access in the photo library, with which we have to do as if we wanted to share one of our photos, but going to the access that is in the lower right corner. There the Giphy search engine will open in which we can enter the topic (in Spanish or English, as we wish), and once selected we can send it whole or shorten it , being able to add a message as with the photographs or videos.

7. Highlight messages (or bookmark)

Sometimes it is convenient for us not to lose certain messages and save them for later consultation, just as we do with tweets or articles. In the same way, we can bookmark the messages we want by going to the command with its symbol (a star) in the menu that appears when clicking on a message.

To see them we have to go to the settings tab, being the access under the option of the web/desktop client. They come out in chronological order as we have marked them (the oldest first).

8. Search content

We may not have thought or missed marking a certain message as a favorite and a few days have already passed, which can mean a lot of conversation to go back. To avoid this we can directly search for words in all chats , as we do with the system or the browser, and the way of doing it varies according to the operating system.

In iOS it is accessed from the conversations screen, sliding down so that the option appears and we can enter the search terms. In Android we will have to enter the chat options menu, among which we will find “search”, highlighting the word in the conversation and being able to jump from one to another.

9. Management of chats (I): keep them and send them by email

As for saving conversations, there are several ways depending on whether we want to save a message, a few or all the history. The latter is provided by the WhatsApp to log in with your own system backup or backup, both the option of realizing how to restore it .

But if what we want is to keep or transfer a message (or especially a conversation), we can share it in an email in the form of a .txt file in the Android version (in iOS it copies it as selected text to a new email) . For this we will look for the option in the three points and “More” of the contextual menu that appears when selecting a conversation. This remains in a text file ( .txt) as a standard email attachment.

10. Chat management (II): delete them

If what we are looking for is to delete conversations or messages we also have several options depending on what we want exactly. Selecting a message we can eliminate it from the conversation: if it is ours, no one else will see it and if it is foreign, we will not see it.

We can do the actions globally by going to the same menu as to configure the backup: Settings> Chats> Chat history. There we have three options to make conversations disappear :

  • Archive : will clear the chat screen, leaving an access to them in “Archived chats”. The action is completely revocable, just as it has been archived.
  • Empty : chats are deleted, with the possibility of resetting them from the backup.
  • Delete : are permanently deleted.

Five ideas to start a small business in a successful way

If your most desired dream is to own your own business, but you are still looking for the idea that will allow you to get closer to your purpose, then this post is ideal for you. It is a selection of 50 business ideas taken from the 1000 Business Ideas blog , among which you can find all kinds of ideas so you can select the one you like best and adapt it to start your business.

Today there are many people looking to leave the corporate world to do something that fuels their passion. People don’t want to retire at 60 (or more) and looking back, feeling like they wasted their lives.

Fortunately, today it is incredibly easy to start a business from scratch without investing a fortune. Below I have compiled a list of 75 different ideas that you can start for little money and from the comfort of your home. Some do not require more than an internet connection, and others require certain licenses or skills … you decide!

Leaving the life of an employee to be the owner of his own business is the dream of many people. But what to do when there are few resources available? In this article, you will learn some ideas to establish a small business with low investment.

Franchise or own business?

If you are a novice in the business field, the first decision you must make is regarding the business model. It is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two main options (invest in a franchise or open your own company) to discover which of these is ideal for your need and profile.

There are a number of quirks that deserve your attention. For example, while the frenzy  has standardized and immutable processes (which have already been successful in another location), the option of opening your own company allows you to manage in the way that you prefer.

As for financial resources , investment in a franchise tends to be easier to measure in the medium and long term, since there is prior planning with a specific schedule. On the other hand, the possibility of expanding their own business and gaining representativeness in the market is attractive for many entrepreneurs, which justifies the option of opening their own company. It all depends on your profile and what you want.

Five ideas to start a small business

First, you need to identify an unmet demand in the sector or in the segment in which you intend to act. It can be a problem for which there is no solution or improvement process, either with superior quality, a more competitive price or differentiated attention.

To be certain that the idea is viable and justified in the region’s business ecosystem, it is worth investing in a market analysis . Thus, you can understand the profile and demands of consumers, the situation of the competition and possible business relationships with suppliers. Then, brainstorm some ideas for establishing a small business and evaluate the options according to your reality:

1. Logistics

Investing in the logistics segment can be a good option in large shopping centers. With a small investment in motorcycles and medium vehicles, it is possible to compose a fleet for quick deliveries, between small distances, in order to streamline the corporate day-to-day.

2. Cleaning

People who work and study outside the home tend to have little time for housework and cleaning at home. In addition to investing in household cleaning, you can create a company that specializes in post-site cleaning, in ecologically correct environments, upholstery or carpets, for example.

3. Events

Consider establishing a small business to plan, organize, and budget for events such as graduations, birthdays, and weddings. The client raises the demands and the company works to meet these conditions in the best way and for the least value.

4. Education

What is the value of a well-trained professional? Depending on demand, it is possible to provide language, disinhibition, public speaking, leadership, etc. courses. There are several possibilities, and almost all require a low initial investment.

5. Beauty

The beauty business offers a wide range of investment alternatives for those who want to establish a small business. From cosmetics to hair removal to skin cleaning and styling, there are many options for both women and men.

Lastly, it is important to remember that, regardless of the idea chosen, it will take a great deal of dedication to make the business profitable. Patience and perseverance are conditions for success.

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice on this topic, comment below. Take the opportunity to share this content with your friends, colleagues, and collaborators, through social networks.

6. Make Chatbots

At they quote me as Murray Newlands, an expert in ChatBot , and says: ‘Ten years ago all companies needed a website and five years ago all companies needed an app, today all companies need to open the door to Artificial Intelligence messaging and chatbots ”. This creates opportunities and jobs. You can learn how to do them for free by learning to program, and then make them to companies.

Chatbots are today and we are at a point where all companies need one. Chatbots have become a great opportunity for companies to interact with their customers, gather information, and improve their marketing and customer service efforts. You can start creating chatbots quickly without programming. I made the free tool, but there are many options. All you need is:

  • Read about bots and their functionality
  • Create an account
  • Learn about the company that needs a chatbot
  • Create your bot
  • Launch it on Facebook Messenger

And you don’t require programming courses.

  • The platform is incredible because:
  • Work with Facebook Messenger and your comments.
  • Can show promotions to customers on demand
  • Recognize variations in keywords
  • Can process Facebook orders
  • Integrates with almost all existing payment platforms
7. Accounting services

Are you good with numbers and want to work from home? To be a freelance accountant all you need is your degree, and be good with numbers. There are many tools to learn how to make invoices and keep things clear with the Treasury.

8. Personal or virtual assistant

Although these jobs don’t sound as glamorous, the truth is that they pay well. If you have already had a similar job in an office, you will see that the digital version gives you much more freedom. Use platforms like to find clients and you can choose:

  • Your clients
  • Your schedules
  • Your rates
9. Marketing services

Marketing does require some experience and knowledge. Having said this, if you don’t have experience, invest in a digital course that is not only inexpensive but will give you the necessary tools to start a marketing agency that you can grow in the future. There are many options in this field that are opened every day, such as influencer marketing.

Companies are always looking for freelancers who can offer them optimized texts for Google and who can convert their visits into potential clients. You could also offer to upload content to their sites and improve their SEO with:

  • Meta descriptions
  • The right titles
  • The correct keyword density
  • Tags and categories
  • Optimized relevant images
10. Social media consultant

Who doesn’t love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If you’re good at social media, but don’t have professional training, both Twitter and Google offer comprehensive courses with recognized certifications that require very little investment. Social media is a business with unlimited potential and a customer base that can span the globe. And it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to die anytime soon, if at all, we’ll see the rise of new platforms further expanding the possibilities. And you can use administration tools to make your job easier.