9 mistakes person done in his whole life?

It is a fact that everyone makes mistakes , but what is also true is that not everyone learns from them. Researchers from the Clinical Psychophysiology Lab at the University of Michigan found that people can be pigeonholed in two fields when it comes to making mistakes:

The fixed-minded: “I give up, I’ll never be good at this” and the growth-minded: “What have I done wrong? I’m going to try again so I won’t miss again. ” Those with a growth mindset use that knowledge of their own failings to grow, while those with fixed thinking are bound to repeat them because they tried too hard to ignore them.

It is not that smart and successful people are immune to making mistakes, they simply have the tools necessary to learn from their mistakes. In other words, they immediately recognize the root of their confusion and never make the same mistake twice.

And as Paulo Coelho would well say: “When an error is repeated it is no longer an error: it is a decision.” The best part of your 20s is that you can quickly recover from the inevitable mistakes you will make as you learn how the real world works.

That said, there are some bad decisions that have lasting effects, such as not starting to save money, that are easily avoidable. We have compared various Quora writers and business tips and seen some recurring themes. These are the worst mistakes that twentysomethings should avoid while building their professional and personal lives.

What are the mistakes person done in life?

1. Believing that something or someone “is too good to be true”
Some people are so charismatic and confident that it can be very tempting to listen to everything they tell us as they talk about the success of their business and how you can benefit.

These types of characters only need to be tricked once before they start thinking twice about a deal that sounds too good to be true. The results of the mix of naivety and lack of diligence can be catastrophic. Smart people ask serious questions before getting involved because they realized that no one is as good as they appear.

2. Do the same and expect different results
Albert Einstein says it is crazy to do the same and expect a different result. Still, there are people who are sure that two plus two can eventually give five. On the other hand, smart people only need to experience this frustration once.

The fact is simple: if you keep the same focus, you will get the same fruits no matter how long you wait for them to be different. If a different solution is required, you need to change the procedure, although that can be very painful.

3. Not Knowing
How to Wait Astute people understand that gratification doesn’t come quickly. Understand that hard work comes long before you are rewarded, and you know how to use this as motivation through every step to success.

4. Operating without a budget
You cannot experience financial freedom until you run under a budget. Personally and professionally, staying in a scheme forces you to make better-thought decisions about what you need.

Smart people only have to face that pile of invoices once, because from deep reflection they will know where their money ends up, for example, a latte in the morning is much less tempting if You know that it represents ten thousand pesos a year.

Having a budget is not only to realize that you have to pay the bills, doing this evaluation means never having to miss an opportunity due to lack of capital.

5. Losing sight of the big picture
Staying so focused on work can throw you off the whole picture. Smart people learn from this by never failing to evaluate their daily priorities against the goal. It’s not that they don’t mind small-scale work, it’s just that they have the discipline and perspective to adjust their process as necessary.

6. Not doing your homework
We have all taken a “shortcut” at some point, either copying homework to a classmate or entering a meeting without having prepared ourselves. Cunning people realize that occasionally luck exists, but they also know that thinking is going to keep them away from one hundred percent of their potential. They understand that there is no substitute for hard work and that if they don’t do their homework they will never learn anything.

7. Trying to be someone you are not
It is tempting to want to please everyone, but no one really likes “fit” people. There are people who never seem to realize that everyone can see through their actions and have missed opportunities by trying to be someone they are not.

Meanwhile, smart people make that connection right away and realize that happiness and success go hand in hand with originality.

8. Try to please everyone
Smart people know that it is impossible to please everyone, that to be effective you have to develop the courage to make decisions that feel good, not what everyone would like.

9. Play the victim
Today our feeds are full of stories of people who “got ahead” by posing as a victim.

Insightful people tried it at some point but quickly realized that this is a form of manipulation and that any kind of profit made would end the moment people realized that it was all a sham. Furthermore, playing the victim implies giving up power and that is the highest price to pay.

10. Try to change someone
The only way that people can really change is of their own free will. Even so, there are people who choose others full of problems in order to “fix” them.

Smart people have already tried to do this and realized that this was going to be impossible so they decide to live their lives in a positive way avoiding problematic people.

Emotionally intelligent people are successful because they never stop learning from either their mistakes or their own success and are continually reinventing themselves for improvement.