Different ipad problems and issues and how to solve it?

The iPad 12.9-inch  screen, split-screen support, and 10-hour battery life are tempting millions of users to buy Apple’s largest tablet. It is an attractive device, but not perfect. Unfortunately, several people have complained that it doesn’t quite work properly. Here are some tips on common iPad Pro problems, as well as possible solutions. And if you want to get more out of your tablet and your other Apple products, check out these irresistible accessories.

There is always a lot of expectation when we perform a software installation on our iPad. Either because it comes with solutions to errors or because news comes we always want to have installation as fast as possible. But unfortunately, there can always be problems throughout the update process, which have a solution as we tell you in this article.

If the download takes a long time

Sometimes we can find that the download of the corresponding update for iPad is quite slow. Obviously we must check that our connection is going well through a speed test. But it is true that sometimes software updates that weigh a few megabytes and take a long time to download can end up frustrating.

This can basically happen because Apple’s servers are overcrowded. This is quite common when we are downloading moments after it has been activated. In these cases, you simply have to wait for the servers to stop being saturated, and if the WiFi network persists. If it is possible, we can also try to install with our mobile data, if it has a low weight.

If the update cannot be verified

Another of the most common problems that we can find is that when we click on ‘Install’, a message will appear saying ‘impossible to verify the update’ . This message is accompanied by a text that indicates that we are not connected to the Internet and that it is false because we are in a WiFi or with mobile data. In this situation, we must try a different WiFi network or simply perform the installation through a Mac or PC through iTunes. This can also be applied to when the message ‘Unable to check for update’ appears.

If it has been a while since we are trying to update our device and we still get these error messages, we must remove the update. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. On iPad go to Settings and go to General> iPad Storage.
  2. In the list of applications that appear, look for the update.
  3. Click on it and delete it.

In this way we can re-download the update and check if this problem no longer exists. If with the removal of the update we do not have results, we will have to go to a Mac or PC to perform the update.

If the update is too long

When we are carrying out the update we can see on the screen the company icon as well as a progress bar that is progressing. In certain occasions, this wait can be very long and the bar does not seem to advance. We must bear in mind that the installation progress can be tremendously slow depending on the weight of the update and the number of files we have on our iPhone. It is true that we can miss some indicator that warns us if the update has not been blocked.

It is recommended in these cases to have the iPad connected to the power and leave it as long as necessary. If we see that it has been blocked we can try to turn it off to force it to start again and if none of this works, enter it in DFU mode.

Problems with rebooting, Wi-Fi, screen lock and more

Problem: Turns off or restarts on its own We have seen quite a few threads on the Apple support forums about the iPad Pro auto shutdown, or a random reboot for no apparent reason. Potential solutions:

  • Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons for 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple logo. This can at least temporarily fix the problem.
  • If you notice that crashes occur when you are using a specific application, or playing a certain game, try uninstalling it and try to see if the problem is solved.
  • Back up your data, then try a factory reset. Restore your backup when you’re done, and see if the problem persists. If it does, then consider a factory reset followed by setting up the iPad Pro as a new device, rather than restoring it with your backup. It is possible that one of the applications that you have installed (or something in its configuration) is causing the crashes.
  • If the problem persists after restoring the factory settings and setting the device as new, you should contact Apple.

Problem: Echo in Skype and video calls Many people have said that when they use iPad Pro to make video calls, they hear an echo. It does not happen with FaceTime, but it does with a series of third-party applications such as Skype and Facebook Messenger. Solution:

  • If you have a headset with a microphone, plug them in and the echo will disappear.

Potential solution:

  • This appears to be a software problem. The fact that FaceTime doesn’t have it suggests that developers of other video calling apps might update their software to fix it. It may be worth uninstalling the troublesome app, turning off your iPad Pro, turning it back on, and then reinstalling the app.
  • Check Settings> General> Software Update to make sure your iPad Pro has the latest Apple software.
  • If the problem persists, contact the developer of the app you’re having trouble with and report it. You should also report it to Apple.

Problem: Can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network Some people have trouble getting the iPad Pro to connect to a Wi-Fi network, while others have a poor connection. This is a very common problem for all types of devices and is generally fairly easy to fix. Here’s what to try: Potential solutions:

  • Turn your router and iPad Pro on and off. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons together for about 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo. It is also worth restarting the router if you can.
  • Try to reset all your network settings by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings. You will have to enter your passwords again.
  • If your router has MAC filtering enabled, then you may need to turn it off. Adding your iPad’s MAC address is possible, but due to Apple’s MAC scrambling, there’s a good chance it will change and refuse to connect the next time you try. The simplest solution is to completely disable MAC filtering.
  • Your DNS settings may be the problem. You can change it in Settings> Wi-Fi by pressing the “i” icon next to your network and scrolling down to DNS. Tap the numbers and change them to “” or “”, if you want to use Google’s servers, or you could use OpenDNS, which is “” or “”.
  • If you are using a VPN service, make sure you have the latest updates.
  • Make sure that the firmware of your router is completely updated. You may need to check with your provider or the manufacturer of the router.
  • If you think you are experiencing interference, consider changing the position of the router. One or more walls could be causing interference between your iPad and the router.

Perfect Adequate answer of ‘why should i hire you’ ??

Employers ask many different questions during an interview. Because they only have a short window to assess whether or not you may be suitable for the role, they want to understand a few key things at the end of your interview. Those things include whether you are good company culture, whether you can be successful in office, and how you can contribute to your short and long-term business goals.

One question employers can ask you is: “Why should we hire you?” While it may seem like a difficult interview question, there are a few steps you can take to prepare a thoughtful and impressive answer.

It is one of the most typical questions in a job interview and with which many companies can conclude their interview. It’s about the question: Why should we hire you? It is at this time that the candidate must take command of the interview. And at that moment express, briefly and concisely, the reason that makes you unique to other job applicants.

Why should I hire you?

Unfortunately, there is no correct or adequate answer that ensures your incorporation into that job. It depends on multiple factors: the priorities of the applicant company, the professional profile of each of the candidates, the criteria that the recruiter decides to use, etc.

However, what we can do is offer you a few tips so that you can find out what makes you stand out as a professional. Thus, you will know how to find common ground with the job position offered. In addition, you will be able to give the best reasons that win the interviewer’s decision.

To be able to answer the question properly, you must first be very clear on whether you fit the job. If not, it will be very difficult to transmit it to the interviewer. The jobs you apply for should always be commensurate with your abilities and aptitudes. Otherwise, you will be wasting time, because at some point your candidacy will fall. If so, you will have wasted time that you could have spent searching for offers more related to you.

We can always falter before a specific requirement, but you must meet the vast majority of conditions that the company has set. In most cases, ignorance of one program or work technique can be replaced by knowledge of another with a similar mechanism. Comment or learn it before the interview in order to demonstrate that you are 100% prepared.

And most difficult of all: believe yourself qualified for the position. If you are convinced that this job is done for you, now is the time to get the interviewer to be, too.

You may be a shy person by nature, but don’t be scared for this reason. Currently, there are infinite techniques that can help you make this characteristic so common among people who disappear. Even if you are not, it is very common to respond shyly to a public presentation or a job interview. In any case, we must be able to manage it.

Throughout the job interview, and especially when this question is asked, you should be more than prepared and confident. Do not lower your gaze or constantly change your posture. The interviewer should see that you are really sure of what you are saying. If you succeed, you will be doing much of the work.

Nobody is convinced by a person who is not sure of himself or knows how to achieve his full potential. Hence the importance of putting aside your shyness and get your best attitude. The attitude you maintain at the job interview may be your greatest competitive advantage. So keep your shyness, control your nerves and show security: you are worth a lot.

Points to emphasize

Even though you are faced with a great opportunity when asked “why should we hire you,” the task of selling yourself can be daunting. You do not only have to choose your words with great care, since the tone and attitude showed when speaking can also say a lot about you.

• You must show that you are unique. More than any other question, the most important thing you have to demonstrate is that there is something that makes you unique and differentiates you from other candidates.
• Show confidence in yourself. If you are convinced that your qualifications are more than enough, you can get the interviewer to be as well.
• Adding a personal touch can be effective. Explaining some previous success can make the investment of hiring you more attractive.
• You can show off a little. It’s okay to be bold. Selling in this way can be more effective.

Mistakes you should avoid

If the interviewer asks you directly “why should we hire you” , you should make sure not to fall into some of the most common mistakes in this situation. This question can be very useful for your aspirations, but you have to be careful.

• Try not to overdo it. When it is done, it becomes very obvious to people who spend so much time doing interviews and listening to answers.
• Avoid listing again everything on your resume. They probably have already read it. In this opportunity you have to take advantage to contribute new information.
• Don’t be in a hurry to finish the question and move on to the next question. It may seem like you don’t have much to say about yourself.
• Don’t be arrogant. Bragging is fine, but there is always a limit. Bragging is the opposite of selling yourself.

Sample response

When they ask you “why should we hire you,  you should include specific details about your experiences. This example should serve as a basic guide for building your answer.

As you can see from my resume, I have the necessary qualifications and several years of experience, but that does not reflect the unique advantages that I can provide to the company. In my last job, I was given the opportunity to expand my skill set and I even managed to accumulate a lot of experience in different positions that were above my work level. I am convinced that I can contribute to this company more than any other candidate.

You can find many other valuable tips for the job interview on our website, where you also have numerous tools. If you want to create a professional resume, use the CV Builder, as it will help you configure, step by step, a clean and tidy document.



If your computer is working slow then try this method to speed up your computer

As time goes by you will notice that the speed of your computer is decreasing. It takes longer for the system to respond when opening folders, files, surfing the Internet or doing other tasks. Here is a list of the actions you can take to improve the performance of your computer in a few simple steps. We recommend that you follow them in the order listed.

When you buy a new computer, the least you can expect is for it to go fast. On the other hand, this is not the case for devices that are some years old. All electronic devices tend to slow down over time. The good news is that there are ways to fix these performance issues with Windows without spending a dime and doing it at home. Next, we present you the 10 definitive tricks.

Of course, you should seek professional help or another tutorial from PCWorld Spain to find a solution if this slowdown in your PC or laptop – which does not have a modern solid-state drive – is due to some technical failure of your hard drive.

There are few things as maddening as a slow computer. You are working or doing a task, and just when you are in a hurry to deliver the report, your PC seems to be on vacation. To avoid this type of inconvenience, it is necessary to schedule a good maintenance to the system from time to time. To help you, we have made a step-by-step guide on how to speed up the performance of your Windows PC that will surely interest you.

We want your PC to return to its original speed, all without the need to do a total restoration thanks to some tricks that will ensure that your Windows machine is operating at its optimal speed.

We are going to explain how to recover the speed of a computer that has become slow. We are going to do it with 15 tips to speed up your computer, ranging from the most basic operating system systems to other slightly more complex changes in settings that are not as accessible.

Over time, your computer may become slower and slower. Sometimes the problem is simply that there is some malware installed or too many applications that run at startup and you have to remove them, but other times they are old computers where any saving in resources can make a difference. Our boards attempt to cover all of these assumptions.

How to speed up your computer?

1. Uninstall apps you don’t use

The first step is the simplest and simplest of all, and is to uninstall all the applications that are not necessary. Over the years we may have tended to accumulate some that we no longer use, which may be doing background processes that slow down the PC. To do so, enter Windows 10 Settings , and in it click on the Applications option.

You will get to the Applications and Features menu . In it you will have a search engine to find specific apps, but also the complete list of applications. Simply click on the ones you do not use, and in the options that will appear, click on the Uninstall option to proceed to delete them from the computer. Be careful not to delete those created by Microsoft for the basic functions of the system or any that you consider useful for the computer.

2. Keep your computer desktop clean

When a computer starts Windows, it has to load all the elements on the desktop, so if yours has few resources it is possible that it will have a bad time if you have it full of shortcuts. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep everything on your computer desktop as clean as possible . If there are things you really need to have accessible, you can try just creating a folder on the desktop and putting them all there.

3. Control the applications that run at startup

There are applications that when installed, configure themselves to run automatically when the computer starts, and having too many can slow down the computer startup. To prevent this from happening, press Control + Alt + Delete and choose the Task Manager option. In it, click on More details to access all the information.

Once you are in the full version of Task Manager , click on the Start section in the top row . You will see a list with all the applications that try to start at startup. Here are two important columns, the Status column because if it is Enabled it is because the application starts automatically when the PC is turned on, and the Startup impact column because it tells you how much this application penalizes your computer when it starts up when the computer starts.

With these data you can now make informed decisions. Now, click on the application that you want to stop starting automatically when you turn on the computer (1), and once you have it selected, click on the Disable button to stop it from starting, and that to run you have to be the one to start it deliberately. Try to do it with the applications with the highest impact on the startup of your computer, something that will be indicated in the Startup impact column .

4. Check that the PC is free of malware

It is also possible that the slowness of a computer is due to having some kind of virus or malware, so it is also convenient to pass an antivirus to the computer. There are several alternatives, but we will teach you to do it with Windows Defender, the native Windows solution 10. To start, click the option Open Windows Security you will find in section Updating and security of the configuration of Windows 10.

You will go to the main screen of Windows Defender. Once there, click on the Virus and threat protection option that will have a shield icon. The option is both on the main screen and in the left column of options.

Once on this screen, just click on the Quick Exam button now to start a system scan. This is a quick scan that won’t find all threats, but will detect the most important ones. You can also click Exam Options , the option below, to do a more detailed analysis.

5. Free up space on your hard drive
It is also useful to free up space on your hard drive . Here it is important not to use applications like CCleaner that annoy more than you help, but to resort to the native alternative of Windows 10 itself . To run it, open the start menu and type cleanmgr (1) to bring up the Disk Cleanup application. Then, right-click on it (2), and in the pop-up menu click on Run as administrator (3) so that it offers you all the options.
The first thing that will appear is a window in which you have to choose the hard drive you want to clean to free up space . When you choose it, click OK.

Next, the Disk Cleanup application will calculate what files it can clean up in Windows and how much space it can save you with. This process can take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your computer, your hard drive and the files that have accumulated.

When done, the app will now show you a list with various file types that you can delete and the size that would be freed with it. When you click on each one, it will explain in detail what is deleted, that is, here you select the types of files you want to delete and press OK . You will get a warning asking if you are sure, and here confirms the action.


20 away some Tips how to grow your YouTube channel

Grow your YouTube channel.  YouTube reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any other cable network in the United States and generates 4 billion daily visits. This means that you do not have to think twice when choosing a platform to market your company’s videos.

In the world of video marketing, there is no doubt: YouTube is king. The number of channels that earn more than $ 100,000 a year grows 40% annually. And of course, it is also a great vein for brands.

Creating, editing and uploading videos to YouTube is the essential first step in video marketing … but the process does not end there. Growing a YouTube channel covers many different areas and requires expert marketers. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and resources that can chew you on so don’t miss this list!

However, for many users, YouTube is a domain for high-quality media. The creator’s record in HD, with their own lighting umbrellas and settle for nothing less than perfect sound quality.

For these reasons, setting up your business on YouTube properly, with goals in mind and a plan to reach them, can seem daunting and expensive. How to make a name if there are already so many professional YouTube channels?

In this lesson you will learn a strategy with which you can create a YouTube channel and earn a salary within a year if you do it right. This is the SEOTUBE strategy and consists of 5 steps. These steps are based on consumer psychology, SEO and common sense, and will help you to make your YouTube channel grow as far as you want. I insist: as long as you do it well.

1) YouTube Creator

Sometimes the best help is from within. In YouTube Creator Hub you can find resources to improve your videos, find your audience and grow your channel. Creator Academy has a great catalog of tutorials to inspire you when recording and editing amazing videos. And finally, you have a help center ready to help you if any problem arises.

2) Tubular

Tubular Insights (formerly known as ReelSEO) is a fantastic resource for viewing video marketing and internet advertising analytics, tricks, and trends. Tubular is the only company that tracks all video content, across all platforms and devices, on a global scale. His expert advice is especially intended for digital marketers and video content producers.


3) VidIQ

VidIQ offers a suite of YouTube tools to help creators and marketers grow their channels and improve brand awareness. It has a browser extension with video rating, SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, and more.

4) TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a YouTube browser and app extension that brings extra functionality to the website. With it you will find everything you need to develop and manage your channel: optimization, SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, productivity, batch processing, marketing, title and thumbnail tests … the most complete!


5) Google Ads Keyword Tool

Surely you already knew this tool, but had you ever thought of using it to plan your videos?

Google Ads Keyword Planner was designed to research keywords for search engine advertising campaigns. But the truth is that it is a very complete tool and that can be used for many of your online marketing campaigns. Enter a few keywords related to your YouTube channel and explore the suggestions, you will surely find new ideas!


6) YouTube autocomplete

This “tool” is so simple that you might not have even thought of it: type something in the YouTube search engine and look at the auto-complete suggestions. These are the terms that users are looking for, so you can certainly use them to get inspiration and offer them the content they need.

7) YouTube Analytics

Again, the best YouTube tools are … on YouTube itself! YouTube Analytics allows you to monitor the results of your channels, videos and content with metrics and reports in real time. Lots of data is available in different reports, for example, reprints, traffic sources, or demographic information.


8) Social Blade

This tool collects data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer, and Instagram and uses it to make charts and follow-up diagrams. It includes super useful information such as estimated income and future projections, both with numerical data and with graphs that are easy to understand at first glance. It has both web and mobile applications.

9) YouTube Super Chat

Super Chats are a great way to monetize your channel and interact with fans through live broadcasts. Fans can purchase credits from Super Chats to make their posts stand out through highlighted positions and colored underlines.

10) Patreon

Patreon is a platform for creators, aimed at helping them monetize their content. Fans agree to donate a small amount per month or per content, and this money goes directly to the creator. And of course, it supports creating and publishing your content on YouTube.

11) YouTube Earnings Calculator

This tool allows you to estimate how much a user can earn on YouTube, based on a commonly accepted CPM range and the average number of visits. Use it to make your growth projections or to find out how much the competition may be earning.


12) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most widely used online marketing and social media management tool, and with good reason. It is used to program, publish, select, monitor and analyzes activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress and more. If you do video marketing, you can use it to upload, edit, schedule, share, measure and analyze your videos on your social networks.


13) YouTube Studio

The music library of YouTube Studio is invaluable access when looking for music for your videos. You can find both royalty-free songs and sound effects.

14) Canva

The thumbnails on YouTube are critical to capture the attention of visitors and improve ratios click. And with Canva, you can create them yourself in a very simple way.

This design tool includes thousands of templates for your designs, to which you can add visual elements and texts. Use it to create unforgettable miniatures.



Do you have the perfect image for your video, but you have plenty of background? We have the solution! is a free tool that allows you to remove the background of any photo. Just upload the image and the site will automatically identify people, crop them, and allow you to re-download the image with a transparent background.

16) Pixlr

A great photo editor to modify your thumbnails or other graphic elements that you use to promote your YouTube channel. You have a ton of editing options available, like creating layers or adding effects. A very good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


17) 3Play Media

Making your videos more accessible not only shows your brand’s social commitment but can also help you get visits and grow your YouTube channel. With 3Play Media, you can achieve this by easily incorporating subtitles, transcripts, and audio descriptions into your videos.

18) Bitly

Many YouTubers shorten the links in the descriptions to make them more pleasing to the eye and save characters. If you want to do the same, you can use an application like Bitly or Hootsuite’s URL shortener. Also, this will allow you to individually track links and see if users actually click or ignore descriptions.


19) Lightworks

One of the best free video editors on the market, ideal for those who take video marketing seriously. It is so powerful that it has even been used for famous movies like The Wolf of Wall Street or Pulp Fiction. In addition, it allows direct export to social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram itself.

20) WeVideo

If you still don’t dare with a professional video editor, this tool can be a good option to get started.

WeVideo is very intuitive and easy to use, it is cloud-based and has an app for both Android and iPhone, that is, you can edit videos directly from your mobile. As in the case of Lightworks, you can directly publish your videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.



Simple etiquette rules to follow While Dinning at Restaurants

While restaurant etiquette standards have been relaxed in recent decades, fine-dining behavior is still taught in protocol schools and etiquette classes and is honored in many fine dining establishments in Europe and America.

If you’ve ever been nervous about where to put the napkin on your lap, or how to apologize for using the bathroom (first rule of the bathroom: never talk about the bathroom), you may find this article helpful. We attended a short etiquette course organized by Uber Eats with expert Myka Meier, founder of Beaumont Etiquette and The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program, and we were shocked by what we learned. Meier, who trained in London with a former member of The Royal Household of the Queen and served as a consultant for Downtown Abbey, taught us some rules of etiquette that you can follow even if you plan to do something at home, serving home-delivered food. trying to pass as your creation.

In the finest places, diners have manners that not everyone knows. To avoid an awkward moment you have to know what they are. Not everyone knows that in a fine restaurant if the wine was not to the liking of the diner, he cannot return it. You should not put salt on the plate without trying it first. Or put the cell phone, wallet or keys on the table. So, to avoid having a bad time, a ranking of the most useful rules for when attending an elegant restaurant was carried out.

Simple etiquette rules at the table in Restaurant

When we go out to lunch or dinner in a restaurant, there are certain situations in which we don’t always know how to act. ‘Will this be the most appropriate? Is that another good manners? ‘. If you do not want these questions to ‘assault’ you again, pay close attention to the following tips and good ways that we present below.

Although I do not consider myself a particularly polite guy or lover of unnecessary protocols, I must confess that it bothers me a lot that the guy or girl sitting on my left gives him to eat the bread they serve me on the plate that I have on my left. I do not know if I explain. The bread that is served in restaurants is placed on our left and is OUR bread, not the type or type that we have on our left, no matter how skillful or right-handed he or she is. Have you understood now, ladies and gentlemen, young people, and ‘young people’ who sit on my left and take MY bread away?

Well, maybe it looks like I’m pissed off, and that’s not it either. It is true that I exaggerate but it is also true that there are days when you do not feel like joking because you are hungry and want YOUR bread. And the last thing you expect is that they are robbing you with a clueless or clueless face. I no longer tell you if they eat it directly in bites …

Few things remembered more about the rules of behavior at a table. So I consulted them to see if I did something similar to cutting bread for my neighbor … And I saw interesting things. I leave some of them written down (I leave aside obvious things like eating with your mouth open, talking with your mouth full, making noises when eating …). Here is a modest and simple decalogue, although there are rules to fill an entire book because this is a world, I assure you.

1. The host is the first to eat. Do not do it before or you will be fatal. Unless I ask you to start earlier. I once heard that everyone is only expected in the case of the first course and that when the second is served, if it is hot, it is attacked and no one is expected to keep it cool. But in this case, I am not quite sure.

2. The napkin, on the lap, not hanging from the neck. That it is not a bib! I ask the same sense of ridicule when you use it: it is a napkin, not a handkerchief, I don’t know if you understand me …

3. Food is not touched, and if it is touched, you keep it. Bad luck if you have chosen wrong. Having thought of it before.

4. Soups, no matter how good they are, don’t rush by tilting the plate to ‘slice’ the last drop. Oh, and no matter how hot they are, you don’t blow the plate or the spoon to cool them. You put up with a good face until the temperature allows you to avoid the number of the fakir that burns your tongue and puts on a poker face.

5. The silverware that has been put on the table is yours, so do not use it for sauces or salads that are for the rest of diners.

6. The cutlery that you use do not put them back on the tablecloth, but resting on the plate. Let’s be clean, please!

7. If you get up from the table to be away for a moment but you are going to continue eating, leave the knife and fork on the plate, one on each side of the plate. If you are finished, put them together and put them aside, preferably marking twenty past four or half-past six, just as if the cutlery were clockwise.

8. If there is something far from your reach and you need it, you ask for it but do not even think of reaching out and almost putting it on top of your table companion, who is not to blame for anything and does not have to suffer your cravings.

9. When finished, put the napkin on one of the two sides of the plate, but never, never, on top of it. It’s about being polite and looking good, and it will be easier for you to do it.

and 10. The bread, yes, the bread. Yours is the one on the left !!!

Knowing the rules of good education produces a feeling of personal well-being and makes us feel comfortable with others.



Basic guidelines for a Health Food Ans it is beneficial for health

Healthy food is one that is good or beneficial for health or that provides it. The organism works on the basis of vitamins, minerals and multiple substances and nutrients that food provides. But they are not only necessary to carry out daily activities, but a correct selection and food planning can prevent numerous diseases and conditions that, in many cases, occur precisely due to intake of unhealthy food and bad habits, such as smoking or consuming alcohol.

One of the examples of healthy food lists is the one that contains the Mediterranean diet, which is made up of varied products that, together, provide the necessary nutrients for day-to-day life, while preventing diseases such as atherosclerosis and cholesterol. In addition to having a varied and balanced diet, it is also important to follow a series of healthy habits, such as exercising, avoiding stress as much as possible, and getting enough rest.

It is important to know that exclusive diets should not be carried out, since most of the foods and products that exist are necessary to maintain good health, that is, it is necessary to maintain a stable weight and avoid obesity while consuming them. carbohydrate-rich foods, which should make up 50 percent of a normal person’s diet. Prioritizing the intake of the foods included in this list of healthy foods should not imply the exclusion of other products that are also necessary for the body to carry out its functions.

Nutrition is very important for the quality of life of people, with three pillars that help maintain good health: rest, food and exercise. The question is how to balance these three functions. A healthy diet involves consuming different food groups at each meal to achieve a balanced supply of nutrients and protein.

Basic guidelines for a Health Food

The exact composition of a balanced diet is determined by the characteristics of each person, for example, age, sex and lifestyle. Although the needs of someone who works in an office are different from those of someone who does more physical work, the principles of healthy eating remain the same.

Today there are many who do not reach a minimum in the intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and nuts. In addition, a greater amount of hypercaloric foods, sugars, salt, and fats are consumed.

Regarding the latter, the WHO indicates as preferable the consumption of those that are naturally found in foods such as fish, avocado, nuts and olive oil (unsaturated fats). Likewise, it urges to reduce the consumption of those present in butter, coconut oil and fatty meat (saturated fats) as well as those derived from processed products.

If your diet is far from being considered healthy and you find it difficult to change your habits, it is best to start with small actions. Gradually including vegetables in every meal and choosing fresh seasonal fruits are some of them.

The Health Food Benefits

1. It keeps you strong

Eating foods rich in nutrients and protein is essential to keep muscles strong. For its part, both vitamin D and many of the B are also attributed properties that promote energy intake.

Also, according to research published in the journal Diabetes Care, consuming healthy fats and protein along with carbohydrates can prevent your blood sugar from fluctuating and your energy levels from plummeting mid-morning.

2. Protect your immune system

The immune system is the foundation of health. Their mission is to protect you from everything potentially harmful, such as viruses and bacteria, attacking them when they enter your body.

Paying attention to your diet is a good way to reduce the chance of infection and prevent colds. As there are climates that favor the appearance of the latter, if you live in one of them it will also be necessary to adopt concrete measures such as washing your hands frequently and maintaining good hygiene.

3. Keeps skin healthy

The skin is the largest organ of your body and therefore you must take care of it. Consuming vitamins is associated with a reduced chance of developing skin cancer.

4. Prevents osteoporosis

If you want strong bones, dairy products, fish, fruits and vegetables are essential in your shopping basket. Keeping salt at bay can also help prevent it.

5. Regulates intestinal transit

Fruits, vegetables, and dairy products rich in probiotics are always well received by bacteria in the digestive tract. For its part, fatty and fried foods are not recommended.

6. Improve your mood

It is proven that there are foods that contribute to improving your mood. The reason is that they help the body to secrete certain hormones (endorphins, serotonin) that cause a feeling of happiness and well-being.

In fact, according to a study presented at the American Psychiatric Association congress held in 2016, some foods could even contribute to improving symptoms of depression.

Taking care of your diet will help alleviate some of the effects associated with somewhat complicated times for the body’s defenses, such as spring and autumn.

7. Reduce stress

Certain foods have the ability to moderate the production of stress-inducing hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Some of them like oranges contain vitamin C, while others like salmon are rich in omega-3 acids.

Dark chocolate increases the blood flow of the brain, thus influencing the level of attention. In addition, thanks to a study carried out at the University of Clarkson, it was verified that it contributes to reducing the negative effects of caffeine (for example, increased anxiety).

8. Improves brain performance

A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, fish, and nuts helps reduce memory impairment, concentration, and other brain functions.

Eating foods rich in omega-3 acids such as fish, walnuts and avocados translates into better brain function and therefore higher performance and higher productivity at work.

Training the brain is a daily and constant challenge in which you must leave the comfort zone. If you need ideas, consult the ones we proposed in this article in order to keep you young and wide awake.

9. Take care of the health of your future children

Everything you eat throughout your life, even in childhood, affects the fertility and health of the future baby. One more than enough reason to start eating more fresh food today.

10. Protect the heart

Some foods like whole grains help reduce levels of bad cholesterol, highly damaging to the heart. A healthy diet implies that it is low in sodium, so following it contributes to maintaining blood pressure at the appropriate levels.



Define Psychology Therapy? And benefits of going to psychological therapy

Sometimes when we hear the word psychological therapy we start to tremble and it seems to us that our problem is more serious than it really is. Going to therapy consists of performing a science-based treatment whose purpose is to achieve the psychological well-being of people, addressing different psychological conflicts through a psychotherapist-patient relationship.

The therapeutic link between professionals and patients is the common denominator for all currents and the main variable for improvement. If there is no close treatment and the psychologist gains the trust of the patient, it is impossible to achieve progress.

When a person decides to ask for help and go to psychological therapy they are trying to overcome their fears and overcome the problems that alter their mind. The reasons can be very diverse: trauma, phobias, fears, relationship problems, rebellious children, school failure, emotional dependency, and many others in which the psychotherapist will apply the most appropriate strategy to each case.

It is important not to forget that psychotherapy or psychological therapy must be directed and applied by health professionals with training in psychology, and specialization in the clinical area.

What is Psychology Therapy?

Psychological Therapy is aimed at promoting the dissemination of knowledge and scientific evidence that contributes to the progress of the discipline. Empirical works of all areas and specialties of Clinical Psychology (evaluation, treatment, prevention, etc.) will be published. Eventually, theoretical reviews carried out under PRISMA methodology will be accepted, as well as articles dealing with variables related to mental health and clinical psychology (based on this perspective). Manuscripts can be submitted in Spanish or English. Three issues are published a year.

The first point to note is that psychology is a fully validated scientific discipline. It is not simply theories or hypotheses but consists of a science-based on empirical evidence. This makes psychological therapy clearly different from so-called pseudosciences or alternative therapies, which are so fashionable lately.

Thus, within psychology there is a specific field called Clinical Psychology; This is for the diagnosis, treatment, resolution, and prevention of mental, emotional or behavioral health problems. Therefore, the application of the different techniques of clinical psychology on a patient is what we call psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy or psychological therapy, therefore, starts from the knowledge of the internal structure of the personality. By understanding how people’s emotions, behaviors and psychological processes work, you can work on them. This allows the psychologist to solve problems that are plaguing the individual, such as anxiety, depression, phobias, etc.

In addition, psychological therapy is not only intended to solve specific problems that a person may be suffering at any given time, but rather goes further. As much or more important is to ensure that these problems do not recur, preventing them from recurring. Thus, the patient learns to use resources and tools that are not only applied to the original problem; on the contrary, it equips itself with instruments that will be useful to it throughout the rest of its life.

The benefits of going to psychological therapy

Patients go to psychological therapy for different reasons. But it is not an easy decision to attend a therapist’s office.

Unfortunately, there are still prejudices regarding this practice, especially due to false beliefs about what psychotherapy is and who it is aimed at. In addition, many individuals think that going to the psychologist is synonymous with being a weak person, although going to psychological therapy helps to be an emotionally stronger person and provides tools for a better adaptation to the complicated situations that may appear on a daily basis.

In summary, psychological therapy provides these benefits :

  • Improves well-being and helps you feel better
  • Provides tools for better conflict management
  • Helps change limiting beliefs
  • Let’s live in harmony
  • Sessions are confidential, so secrets can be told
  • The psychologist is going to be supportive and trustworthy
  • Advise a qualified professional
  • Empowerment versus life
  • Helps to know yourself better
  • If you are curious to know more about the psychological benefits that psychotherapy brings, you can read the following article: “The 8 benefits of going to psychological therapy”

Types of psychological therapy

If you have never gone to psychological therapy, the experience can be a bit mysterious at first and even intimidating, since there are different types of psychotherapy with different ways of solving problems, and at first it can be difficult to know how to navigate between them. Below we explain the psychotherapeutic approaches or models that exist.

1. Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy

The analytic therapy stems from the theoretical model proposed by Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. His theory explains the behavior of human beings and is based on the analysis of unconscious conflicts that originate in childhood. To understand dysfunctional thoughts, psychoanalysis emphasizes instinctual drives that are repressed by consciousness and remain in the unconscious affecting the subject.

2. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

From a cognitive-behavioral perspective, it is understood that thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect feelings and emotions and behavior. Therefore, this form of therapy combines different methods derived from cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy. In other words, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) consists of a series of techniques that focus on teaching the patient a series of skills to better face different problems.

CBT is based on the idea that what we think about different situations affects our way of feeling and behaving. For example, if we interpret a situation in a negative way, we will experience negative emotions as a result, and that will cause us to behave in an adaptive way. It is the quintessential treatment for anxiety disorders such as phobias , as it is understood that. In this case, a traumatic situation causes analogous situations to be interpreted as threatening. This causes the patient to avoid exposing himself to these situations due to the intense and irrational fear he feels.

3. Humanist Therapy

Humanistic psychology is considered the third wave of psychology, watching the cognitive-behavioral and psychoanalytic perspectives as the two dominant forces before the humanist. This arose in the middle of the 20th century, mainly through the proposals and work of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

4. Gestalt Therapy

The Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 40s, and is a type of therapy humanist, as conceived human beings, their goals and their range of needs and potentials. Therefore, from this position, it is understood that the mind is a self-regulating and holistic unit, and is based on the basic principle of Gestalt Psychology that “the whole is more than the sum of the parts”.

Gestalt therapists use creative and experiential techniques to enhance the patient’s self-awareness, freedom, and self-direction. This is a therapeutic model that not only has its roots in Gestalt Psychology, but is also influenced by psychoanalysis, Reich character analysis, existential philosophy, Eastern religion, phenomenology, and Moreno’s psychodrama.

5. Systemic therapy

Systemic therapy takes into account the representation of reality from a holistic perspective and inclusive, where the important are the relations and components that arise therefrom. In therapeutic sessions, relationship and communication are very important in any group that interacts and affects the patient (or patients), understood as a system.


Psychotherapy is effective in overcoming many psychological problems and in improving well-being. Despite the many studies that support its effectiveness, there are people who, even needing help, are not aware that they have the problem or avoid facing reality.


Importance of working on our sleep habits to maintain or get more restful sleep for our health

Lack of sleep can have a significant impact on both the mind and body. In addition to perpetuating serious conditions, lack of sleep can negatively affect your mood and temperament, as well as your ability to focus on daily tasks. Also, lack of sleep influences what you eat and how much you eat. Since hormones are regulated during sleep when you lack hours of sleep, your hunger hormones get out of control and that increases the feeling of hunger and decreases satiety. It is not a coincidence that you find yourself looking for bagels and rolls when you are exhausted.

Despite some individual differences and that the required hours of sleep usually appear to decrease as age increases, it is generally considered that adults should sleep between seven and eight hours each night.

In fact, it seems that with increasing age the necessary hours of sleep are not reduced; it is the sleep patterns that change; Thus, elderly people tend to sleepless at night, but require the intervention of short naps during the day. Thus, the total amount of sleep is the same, but the hourly distribution is not. People who feel active during the day and do not suffer from a sensation of sleep are considered to have slept enough hours. People with insomnia are generally considered not to be able to stay active and watch normally during the day.

Surely you have heard that resting well and having healthy sleep habits are essential for the good intellectual and physical development of people, in such a way that those who do not get enough sleep have a higher risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity, even cancer.

This statement, which to many seems somewhat exaggerated, is based on the publication of numerous studies that have evaluated the immune, inflammatory and cardiovascular consequences of sleep restriction and recovery. Through different works, published in specific magazines in this area such as  Sleep Medicine,  among others, it seems certain that lack of sleep greatly affects our immune system,

In fact, a study published in 2014 investigated the acute effects of total sleep deprivation on blood neutrophils, the most abundant immune cell in our circulation, and the first type of cell recruited at sites of infection. Finding that sleep deprivation directly affected the body’s immune system, increasing the production of immature Neutrophils and decreasing the amount of mature Neutrophils, making the individual more susceptible to infections.

And is that sleep disturbances are more frequent in the population than we would like, in fact according to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) in Spain more than 4 million Spanish adults suffer from chronic insomnia and between 25-35 % of the population suffer from it temporarily. One in three people suffers from some sleep disorder and although it can be treated, less than a third go-to specialists for help, and it is estimated that around 4% of the Spanish population between 15 and 65 years of age have used hypnotics without prescription for the past year.

Insomnia can be caused by several reasons, among which are having too many worries and thinking a lot at night. Insomnia can be caused by multiple circumstances, some of which require medical or psychological treatment. Often the onset of insomnia coincides with a certain life circumstance, but in many cases, the triggering factor remains undetected or is the sum of several factors that cannot be elucidated with certainty. However, some circumstances acquired habits in relation to sleep can help or hinder the development of satisfactory night rest. Thus, some practices or customs that can help or harm the quality of night sleep are considered.

Recommended habits to rest and sleep well

  • Regularity at bedtime and wake up: in this way, the body will adapt its daily cycles to a daily schedule that will give stability and regularity to the hours of sleep and will help you sleep.
  • Develop routines before bedtime: doing the same activities as a preamble to go to sleep warns and helps the body to begin the processes that will lead to sleep.
  • Not doing important physical activities in the last hours of the night: physical exercises such as gymnastics or sports should not be performed shortly before bed.
  • Do not ingest excitants or foods that may interfere with sleep: tobacco, caffeinated beverages should not be consumed in periods close to bedtime.
  • Similarly, separate main meals from sleeping hours, so as not to try to go to bed while digestion is still taking place.
  • If possible, use the bedroom room almost exclusively for sleep, not for reading, studying or eating: this way, the brain reflex will associate the room with rest and when entering the bedroom, the brain processes of sleep will begin to prepare.
  • Keep the bedroom dark and quiet, with the bed comfortable and at a comfortable temperature.
  • In case of not being able to sleep in the first minutes, not doing any activity that may cause sleeplessness, or worrying: keep a comfortable and relaxed position, eyes closed and silent. Generally, the dream will begin in a short period of time.

Sleep hygiene may not correct an established insomnia problem or other sleep disorders, but it can improve conditions so that it does not appear or improve substantially with less intense treatment.

The Basics of Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is essential, but many of us children and adults alike do not get enough sleep. One of the best ways to get back on track is through better sleep hygiene. This means establishing habits that promote a good night’s sleep, such as establishing a routine.

Routines look different at different ages. For example, babies are not born with the same biological clock that keeps us asleep at night and awake during the day. Instead, babies will sleep for a few hours and then stay awake for a few hours, regardless of the time of day. This is perfectly normal behavior for a newborn, so parents should let them adhere to their natural sleep patterns and try to sleep when they sleep. To avoid having a tired baby, parents should reinforce their natural sleep schedule by starting a calming activity after an hour or more of an awake baby. Parents can also help babies follow sleep patterns that you want them to develop by placing them in sunny rooms during the day and in dark rooms at night. Eventually, they will start sleeping more at night and taking fewer and fewer naps.

As children get older, a routine should involve a set time to go to sleep, because they will often want to be awake watching TV, playing games, or texting. And because it can be difficult for kids to fall asleep after all the stimulation they get from doing these things, the bedtime routine should also involve a screenless time before bedtime to help them calm down. The goal is for children to go to bed feeling sleepy.


We emphasize the importance of working on our sleep habits to maintain or get more restful sleep for our health.

Remember that the first changes most beneficial to your health begin with the analysis of your reality, your desire to improve and gain quality of life, and how almost everything in life a little effort until those changes become a habit and a constant in your life.


Mutual Funds Folder : Beginner Investments in Mutual Funds ?

A mutual fund is an investment alternative made up of contributions made by individuals and companies. These contributions constitute what is defined as the fund’s assets. A Mutual Fund is an investment instrument whose function is to gather the monetary contributions of different people, natural or legal, to invest them in different investment securities. By combining the capital of different people, different investments can be accessed under advantageous conditions in order to obtain a return for the participants.

The money invested in a Mutual Fund is managed by a management Company that specializes in managing different investment portfolios, which may be made up of different securities, such as: stocks, corporate and public bonds, real estate assets, international securities, other funds. investment, mortgage bills, etc. The way the portfolio is composed is defined in the Mutual Fund contract, in this way the investor will make the decision to participate or not according to the preferences he has.

A mutual fund is an open investment company, which receives money from all interested investors, to then invest these resources and obtain a return, to then distribute it among the investors.

Advantages of having Mutual Funds:

  • You can sign your General Agreement on Mutual Funds 100% Online. Here
  • Your funds are managed by expert investment professionals.
  • You can have your money at any time.
  • You get a daily return, which you will see reflected at the end of the month.
  • You can get tax advantages depending on the type of fund you invest in.

Cost to invest :

The administration of the Mutual Funds is subject to an annual administration commission of the Management Companies, and / or for certain operations (entry or exit of the Mutual Fund, for example). All commissions are detailed in the Simplified Prospectus of the chosen Mutual Fund, which is found on the website of each SAF or on the website of the SMV.

The Association of Fund Administrators of Peru advises that each investor knows which type of mutual fund is best for them. Although it is true that several people save in the same fund, not all have the same objectives or investment terms, or the same risk tolerance, for this reason it is important to inform yourself and get prior advice to correctly choose the type of mutual fund according to your risk profile, either: conservative, moderate or risky.

The money invested in a Mutual Fund generates variable returns on the investments made. They are said to be variable because the results of the past do not guarantee that they will be repeated in the future, being able to obtain profits or losses depending on the behavior of the market, as in any investment product. On average, the profitability of the Mutual Funds can exceed other savings and investment products, so they are attractive opportunities to invest your money easily, directly and safely.

You only need to approach any entity authorized to sell shares of Mutual Funds (distribution or placement agents) such as banks, finance companies, stockbrokers and others authorized by the SMV, with your DNI and the initial amount you want to invest. Your contributions are invested by the Management Companies according to the rules of the Mutual Fund that you have chosen and may generate a variable return so that you achieve the expected profit. Remember that the expectation of obtaining greater profits implies assuming greater risk and that investments must be permanently monitored by the participant.

How to choose a Mutual Fund?

If your investment objectives are related to accumulating a sum of money for the next vacation or to pay off debt in the coming months, you may need to save in a Short-Term Debt Instrument Mutual Fund. On the other hand, if your savings goals have to do with buying a home or financing your children’s college education, you may prefer to save in Medium and Long-Term Debt Instrument Mutual Funds or in a Fund Mutual Capitalization.

Any form of investment carries risk. Investing in mutual funds means investing in a diversified way, not concentrating all your savings in a single type of investment. This is important because by distributing your savings across different investments, you are reducing the risk that an unexpected period of low returns on one type of investment will affect your total savings. Diversifying allows, on average, those investments that have had a lower return than expected, are offset by those whose profitability has been higher than expected.

Check the types of funds
– Equity funds : If you want a long-term investment with high returns over time, and are not afraid of risk, think of a fund of this type. If volatility does not go with you, avoid variable income or reduce your investment in it.

– Fixed income: It is designed to obtain known returns, but in general, lower than those that equity funds could deliver. It is also recommended for people who want a stable profit over time, although it is not insured.

– Short-term mutual funds: In general they compete with the classic term deposits. The decision to opt for one or the other will depend on whether you want absolute security, but tied to a fixed term (in which case a deposit would suit you), or instead prefer a profit not fully insured, but without tying a fixed term .

Don’t invest in a fund based on its past performance
A fund’s good performance may be the temporary result of specific circumstances that will not necessarily recur in the future. Past performance provides important information regarding how risky a fund is and whether it has behaved similarly to the market and to comparable funds not to its future performance. Therefore, it is not convenient to invest in the most profitable one-year fund, guided only by this factor.

Review your subscription contract
At the time of investing you must sign a quota subscription contract and the managing company must inform about the internal regulations of the fund that must contain, as a minimum, the following information:
– Remuneration charged by the company for the fund administration.
– Commissions charged on the investment.
– Redemption payment period (in how long the money invested in the fund is returned).
– Resource investment policy.
– Investment plans.

How your mutual funds are managed
The managers of a fund – portfolio managers – are based on many economic, sector and company studies and their experience in the market. They also analyze trends in prices, interest rates, and the exchange rate (dollar). They are advised by study teams made up of analysts specialized in various asset classes and sectors.

Calculate the time of redemption
When you decide to withdraw from the fund, there will be talk of “redemption” of your fees. At this time, you will be able to know if you won or lost with your investment. For this, compare the quota value of the day you started the investment with your value on the day of the redemption. If on the day of the ransom the difference is positive, you will have won; if it is negative, you will have lost. It’s that simple.