Everything you need to know about how to Close social media accounts?

Social networks were one of the most important changes in our daily life . Through them we meet new people or resume contact with old acquaintances; We do business and, ultimately, we enter into virtual relationships with people we may never see in person.

However, sometimes these ties must be broken : either because we have created a profile with which we feel more comfortable, or because the platform in question does not comply with a minimum of privacy or security (see the case of ‘ Zoom ‘, the most popular video call application in quarantine times).

The process of entering Facebook, Twitter, TikTok … is fast (they hardly demand an email or a phone number) but, once they have obtained these valuable data, leaving a social network and erasing all traces seems complicated. Below we detail how to close an account on the most popular networks or applications:

How to close different social media accounts


Although those responsible for the application promise to rectify their security flaws within 90 days, most multinationals have prohibited using it to their employees. If we do not trust ourselves either, the process to delete our account (from ‘Basic Zoom’) is to access the Zoom website , log in and select the options ‘ Account management ‘>’ Account profile ‘>’ Delete my account. ‘ Then we will choose ‘Yes’ to confirm, which will send a message indicating that the process has been completed successfully and will take us to the home page.

If, on the other hand, we have a subscription, we will have to go to ‘Account management’> ‘Billing’> ‘Current plans’> ‘Cancel subscription’ . Finally, we will click on ‘Cancel subscription’ ; We will choose a reason for not renewing it and select ‘Submit’ .

Facebook profile

Before starting the process, it is advisable to unlink the applications with which Facebook has been linked. Also keep in mind that if that Facebook account has been used to register in another application, it will no longer be accessible.

To delete the account, you have to enter it and then in ‘Settings’> ‘Your Facebook information’ . The last option in the list is ‘Deactivation and deletion’ , which gives those two alternatives: temporarily deactivate the account (you can see some of the profile information and you can continue using Messenger) or delete it permanently, which It means that in a few days all the information will disappear and you will not be able to use Messenger anymore. Both ask for the Facebook password to perform the operation and then ask for the reason for leaving the social network, although it is not mandatory to answer.

If the process to delete an account is carried out from a mobile, go to the menu on the upper right, choose ‘Settings and privacy’ and look in the ‘Your Facebook information’ section for the option ‘Delete your account and your information’ , where the possibility of deactivating the account or deleting it appears.

Deactivation of the account is canceled when you re-enter it and the deletion is reversible for at least 30 days after requesting it, but this period can be extended up to three months.

Twitter account

Like Facebook, a Twitter account can be deleted in the browser or from a mobile device. The process begins by entering the account and choosing ‘Settings and privacy’ from the menu on the left (three points inside a circle, located at the bottom). Next, we choose ‘Account’ and ‘Deactivate your account’ . Once the process has started there are 30 days to restore the account before Twitter permanently deletes everything. Twitter warns that some of the information may continue to appear in search engines.

Instagram profile

It is one of the social networks that most hides the option to delete the account. In fact, to do this you have to enter a specific page and it is not possible to make the request from the menu of the account you want to delete. If you enter this link while inside the account in the browser, Instagram recognizes the profile directly and remembers the option to temporarily disable the account, for which it offers another direct link. To delete the profile, you must indicate a reason and in each case it gives different options. At the bottom of the page there is the option to permanently delete the account, for which you need to enter the password.

LinkedIn account

After accessing the account, you must enter the configuration options that are indicated by the word ‘I’ (in the upper right, under the profile picture), and then go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ . Then you have to select the first option in the menu, ‘account’ (by default it is marked ‘Privacy’). The last option that appears is ‘Close your LinkedIn account’ . If the deletion request is made, the contacts will be lost as well as any recommendation and validation that has been made or received.

LinkedIn also asks for the reasons for leaving the social network and you must choose one before clicking the ‘Next’ button. The last step is to write the password of the account and select the ‘Delete account’.

In both cases , the account can be reopened if 20 days have not elapsed since the request to close, although if it is recovered, the validations and recommendations, the ignored or pending invitations, the people and companies that are being followed, and the participation in groups.


The short video network is increasingly popular with younger people. To request the deletion of the account, go to the profile page to be deleted, click on the three points in the upper right corner and select ‘Privacy and Settings’ . There we choose ‘Manage account’ and then ‘Do you want to delete your account?’ . Finally, you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

The deletion of the account is irreversible and permanent: you will not be able to log in to Tik Tok again, you will lose access to all the published videos, you will not be able to return the purchases that have been made and the information that is not stored in the account, like chat messages, will remain visible to others.