How to Grow and expanded your Digital marketing Business?

Over time, digital marketing has become more popular. Ways of reaching a customer have become more creative, to the point where they can be expanded worldwide. That is why, I will talk to you about how, the growth of digital marketing can be a great option, for those who have a company and how Suma y Sube can help you.

The growth in digital marketing

Digital marketing tries to use all possible digital media to deliver your product to the customer. Do not confuse it with online marketing, since even if it is through the internet, it covers a smaller sector. Instead, with digital marketing, it is about increasing marketing, from traditional to all possible digital media.

As it is a very complete strategy, it is normal that the growth of digital marketing is triggered, since it allows not only to talk about a brand on different sites. But it allows the client to interact.

  • Information is shared on social networks
  • Information exchange
  • More specific product searches
  • Permission for customers to comment with feedback
  • Talk about the brand freely

The growth of digital marketing refers to strategies that make your products, the brand or the service, are in constant motion.

Digital Marketing in Business

Thanks to the strategies that exist for digital marketing, the business can be taken to another level. If you apply the different digital marketing strategies you can achieve the following.

  1. You will know the real demand of the products
  2. You can send him products that are not usually for sale or that there is little quantity
  3. You can make changes to products or strategies with feedback
  4. You will increase your sales

Join the wave of digital marketing, because if growth will make your business go through the roof.

Experience has shown that it is not enough to just have a website, an online store or a presence on social networks. If these advertising, promotion or communication tools are not accompanied by positioning strategies typical of digital marketing or online marketing, growth will be low and not very productive.

The market has changed, and so have businesses and consumers, and they have become agents more committed to innovation, the internet, technologies and social networks, there is even a trend that they first look for what they need on the internet and the RRSS and then they visit physical stores.

Online Marketing not only helps to increase sales, but also to take care of the image, make PR, give greater visibility, have more customers, retain it, etc. But in this way of working, the positioning is not only valued and that the user easily finds the company, since they must seek to buy and repeat, to be a prescriber or intermediaries of our services, and to satisfy their needs.

Statistics say that almost 78% of users who search Google only review the first and second page of results, for this reason you must be visible and properly positioned. Digital marketing strategies (online) increase the chances of finding new customers, helping to increase sales, margins and economic income.

Looking for the first sale and also customer loyalty, and for this we recommend taking advantage of the web, social networks, strategies within google, even chatbot tools to maintain communication and connection with customers. Online marketing is currently being exploited to launch communities that interact with the company, seeking networking and loyalty.

SEO strategies are key, as well as proper positioning, along with the analysis of the business website, and then the creation of campaigns, strategies and proposals is launched.

Therefore, companies that want to have a high positioning of their website must-have tools such as a website as the main pivot, social networks, which must be used to serve, and a blog, to upload quality content. Email marketing also allows constant communication with customers and announcing new products or services. All these topics are developed in the next MK Open Bilbao Congress.

Digital marketing is increasingly relevant within our global marketing budget. During the last three years, its growth has been constant, and if we break this item down, we see that the mobile device is the one who earns the most in this increase. Precisely, according to the latest report prepared by PwC on the Entertainment and Media sector – which has been presented this week in Spain – in the world, digital already accounts for more than half of the industry’s income and, in Spain, it will be engine of growth of the sector in the next five years.

However, I believe that in this “digital” environment, traditional media maintain fundamental importance. Its role is key, due to its reputation, credibility and prescribing power. In addition, we must recognize the great effort that these media are making to offer advertisers innovative formats that allow us to get our messages to their audiences.

The mix of platforms and technology solutions are greatly sophisticated strategic planning and execution. Where we used to talk about “the campaign”, in general, now we carry out individual analyzes of the content and its different adapted formats, we establish specific KPIs and attribution models, we dedicate more investment to Martech, Adtech, we are obsessed with optimizing the funnel of conversion, we carry out special actions with the Internet of things or virtual reality and, of course, we monitor campaigns in real time.

On the other hand, marketing automation is the most exciting opportunity brands have for years to come. The attractiveness undoubtedly lies in the increased efficiency that it can provide, which in turn is key to improving the user experience.

So we have even changed how we organize ourselves internally. We are committed to a more transversal way of working, with a direct relationship with other areas such as CRM or digital channels. In addition, we incorporate new specialized profiles in data analysis, content production and the application of technologies that allow the segmentation and personalization of the message in creatives.

This year the Group’s first Digital Marketing award has been won by the Brazilian team , for an innovative, original campaign whose results exceeded the most optimistic expectations. Congratulations to Danielle Lima and Bruno Costa for your Marketing Mix Modeling initiative and its application in the Black Week Santander campaign.