Access Router Login and change the router password

Right now everyone has the Internet at home, on the phone and even on the smart vacuum cleaner, but how many users are really in control of their connection?

For this it is essential to be able to access the router, the device that everyone has at home and that is installed as soon as you hire the internet. There are many models, features and prices when choosing one, although in the end almost everyone is satisfied with the device given by its operator. Of course, it is highly recommended to make some modifications to its configuration.

Access to the router is carried out through its IP address, which always seems to be, or 192.168.ll. You can enter from any browser, be it Chrome, Edge, Safari or one of your own choice.

Below we will show you, in simple words, how to enter the router, how to locate and change your access password, how to change the name and password of the WiFi network, as well as some basic operations, such as updating the firmware or opening and close ports.

How to access the router

Most Internet providers offer their clients a program, web or app to enter the router. For example, Movistar does it through the Alejandra Portal. In this Movistar router configuration tutorial, you can see it in detail.

There is a manual way of doing it that is more or less the same for all routers regardless of brand: through the browser, using their input IP address, more or less universal to all models.

To connect to the Internet and connect all devices (PCs, smartphones, consoles, tablets, etc.), the router assigns a local IP address to each device, starting with 192.168. He stays with the first:, or 192.168.ll . Other devices connected to the network have addresses of the type,, etc., but it is far from usual.

To enter the router, launch a browser. In the field where you normally write the name of the web, you want to visit, write:  It is possible that a message appears indicating that you use a certain browser. Pay attention to him. If nothing happens, then try

The screen will show the gateway to the router and will ask for your username and password. This is the access to the Orange Livebox router :

How to locate the router password

Logically, you can’t access the router settings for good. You need a username and password. This information usually appears in the manual that comes with your router. If you can’t find it, try the classic ones:

  • Username: admin or 1234
  • Password: admin or 1234

If they do not work, you can reset the phone with the factory settings to activate the previous default passwords, although you will delete the settings. This is usually done by inserting a wire into a hole in the router, see the manual. Another option is to call your operator and ask for the keys. If you google a bit by putting something like ” router XXXX keys “, where XXXX is the make and model of your router, you will find them right away. Keep in mind that these are the factory keys, they will only work if nobody has changed them.

Using the default keys is very dangerous because anyone can find them, as we have seen. So the first thing we are going to do is change them. But in principle, there are ways to recover the key if you have forgotten it.

How to change the router password

Access the router through the address  and enter the username and password that you have obtained through the methods just explained.

You will enter the router configuration menu. Each brand has its own menu and even calls the same things with different names, so here we will give a generic explanation of the steps to be taken. If you want a complete explanation, go to the router manual or the operator’s user forums or the brand of the router you use.

Regardless of appearance, absolutely all interfaces have several elements in common. As they say, “seen one, seen all”.

Almost all the router menus usually include tabs to access quick, basic and advanced configuration, as well as Administration :

To change the router password go to Administration or similar, and look for an option called Access Settings or something similar. You will see it because the current username appears, and some boxes to enter the old password and choose a new one. Normally you cannot change the username, only the password:

If you used the default password, change it to a different one. Make sure you hit the OK or Apply button and the settings are saved. Store the new password somewhere safe. If you lose it you will not be able to access the router unless you reset it! You better have it well targeted in various formats, both digital and paper.

Change the name and password of your WiFi network

One of the most common uses of access to the router configuration is the possibility of changing the name of the WiFi network, and its password. Most routers come with a default WiFi network, whose name and password are displayed on a sticker on the router, or in the manual. These default keys are easy to hack. Any neighbor can hack your default WiFi and use it for free without paying, robbing you of bandwidth. Also, if you commit a crime, it will be associated with your WiFi network. So it is important to change the name and password of the WiFi network that comes by default on your router.

Access the Configuration menu and enter the Basic or Quick Configuration section . Find the section dedicated to the WiFi network. Change your name and password:

The consequence of this is that you will have to change the configuration of all your devices (PCs, smartphones, consoles) that use WiFi, so that they recognize the new data. But you only have to do it once and the extra security you get is worth the effort.

Update the router firmware

Many routers update automatically, but others require that you do so through the IP address It is important to update the firmware of the router because it usually blocks security holes, and maybe you even get an extra speed.

In Settings, go to Administration or similar and look for the option to update the firmware:

Open and close router ports

Finally, another of the basic actions that are carried out the most when you enter the router configuration through, is the opening or closing of ports. For security, it is advisable to have the ports closed (communication channels that enter and take data from our device to the Internet). But some programs, especially games, require that certain ports be open. If the router does not do it by default through DHCP, NAT or similar, you can do it manually.