Artist Guide : Essential qualities to be a great artist

I have decided to write this post for those who are wondering how to be an artist and write down some keys that from experience in the industry can serve you. First, I must make it clear that to be an artist, it is the public that should put you on the road or not, but if you are in phase A where a certain concern to show your art moves inside, you must clear up the questions that concern you.

To be an artist you must develop an art and if you rush me by natural instinct although I have met some artists with little talent but with a lot of persistence that through effort and with work overalls they have managed to enter interesting amounts of money, but this is bread for today and…. The artist must be born with that spell that makes him different and then if you develop it, you will choose to conquer the public. There are many people who have been born by and for art and yet have not invested time in deepening it, losing all those doses of talent along the way.

Once you are clear about your artistic plot and develop it, you must persuade your closest circle beings . So far everything is more or less simple because I assure you that 99% of your people, they will praise your art, whether it is good, regular or bad, they are never objective and they are myopic.

The next phase should be to get out of your comfort zone and persuade external niches that naturally find you on the road and become members of your tribe. If you see that little by little you are increasing your own community you can start to believe in living from music.

Never consider yourself an artist if the public has not done so , is the only judge of this journey and only he will or will not put you on the path of success.

If your product begins to have color, you must continue developing it and begin to surround yourself with people who bring fresh air to your career. I refer to the figure of the manager , today essential more than ever in the life of any artist. A prepared manager can lead you to success without having a record company. There are many real examples that prove it.

If you identify with some of these keys, you may be a potential artist:

  • I am a restless being 24 hours a day
  • I always look for the different
  • Have I ever woken up at dawn with an idea related to my art
  • Shyness is a child’s thing
  • At parties with friends, I have “started” when nobody has asked me to
  • I’m not obsessed with fame or money
  • There is nothing more beautiful than exciting someone with my art
  • I carry humility as a flag

If after this you keep wondering how to be an artist, I will tell you that there is no formula for it, impossible.

Art is for anyone, but not for everyone. I know it viscerally, as a possible artist who burned himself. I wrote about it last year and since then I have been harassed: at every conference I give, at every gallery, I stick my head in, someone is asking me for advice. What they really ask is “How can I be an artist?”

When Banksy assembled a frame last month to destroy a painting just when it was auctioned, I could almost hear the whispers, “Is that art?” This fall, New York’s biggest museum event is Whitney’s retrospective on Andy Warhol – the self-made paradigmatic artist, create-anything-and-be-a-famous-artist. Today, we are all children of Andy, especially in the Instagram era, who has trained us to think visually and see our daily lives as fodder for aesthetic production.

How do you go from where you are to really making art, great art? There is no special way; each one has his own way. However, over the years, I have found myself giving the same advice. Most of them were simply drawn from looking at the art, and then looking a bit more. Others who listen to artists talk about their work and struggles. (They are all narcissists). I even stole a couple from my wife.

There are 33 rules – and they really are all you need to know to make a living in art. Or 34, if it counts “Always be kind, generous and open with others and take care of your teeth.” And No. 35: “Fake it until you succeed.”

Essential qualities to be a great artist:

  • Talent: It is true that a lucky few are simply born with great artistic talent, however if this is not your case, you will be able to study and prepare yourself to become fluent in the language of art that allows you to develop your talent.
  • Passion: the only way to do a great job is to love what you do, it will motivate you to always try to be better and look for ways to improve yourself.
  • Technique: A good artist is one who masters technique, who knows how to define the line perfectly and is a master of color; The painting of the past must be studied a lot, to the great masters of all times, we can learn a lot from them and expand our expressive capacity as an artist.
  • Creativity: It is a gift that we all have but only few manage to put it into practice; Creativity is a powerful tool to connect with others.
  • Study other artists:  Reduce the artwork of successful or inspiring artists to their most elemental components to determine what makes an image successful or problematic. eye! , It is not to imitate them or because we distrust them, but to start the path itself.
  • Personal style:  analyze your own passions, put your own style on the works you do, little by little you will become a specialist with your own brand.
  • Sensitivity:  an artist has to have to feel the color and the shape; He has the ability to understand these languages ​​and adapt them to his expressive needs, a sensitivity that develops over the years. In art words are superfluous, good art feels, likes, reaches the viewer.
  • Social Responsibility:  the artist comes to influence others, the artistic movements have been able to change the mentality of humanity and transform the world.
  • Vocation: “many are called, but few are chosen”; It is an imperative that is carried in the soul, that inclination and interest to dedicate oneself to art; It should not be confused with professional aspirations, there are three elements to find the vocation: Talent, Passion and Demand or needs of the world.