The Best Skype alternatives which you need to try once

Although it is true, for long time video calls have become the main communication mechanism for most people. Firstly, because they are cross-platform and thus, it is possible to carry them out from any computer, mobile phone or tablet and, in addition, they provide a great convenience for users to communicate with their family and friends from anywhere. Also taking into account that they do not require many tools to run, because just having a device with an Internet connection, headphones with a microphone to ensure absolute privacy and have free Voice Over IP or VoIP software; you can make a video call.

VoIP programs refer to a set of resources that make it possible for the voice signal to travel over the Internet using the IP protocol. One of the best known is Skype, which for many years has brought about a revolution of this type in the online market to make calls and video calls to any city in the world and in a simple and inexpensive way . However, today there are many more applications that make video transmission between partners possible and provide excellent tools to their users.

Therefore, it is necessary to know all the alternatives to Skype or better said, the best to have other solutions at hand and of course, try other platforms that may seem more beneficial to you than the aforementioned, best fit your requirements and in Definitively, they offer you what you have been looking for to establish optimal video conversations with whoever you want.

Skype is one of the classic communication services, online calls and video calls. The software was born years ago and became one of the most popular because it allowed us to communicate for free and even make video calls with friends or family. It is also one of the most useful tools for teleworking thanks to the possibility of making group calls or sharing the screen. But it is not the only one and we collect the best alternatives to Skype.

Video calls have become part of our daily routine. We use them to talk to friends who are far away, to family or even to our bosses when they have something to communicate with us. Teleworking is becoming more and more common, but also teaching online and explaining the subject through a screen. Whatever you are looking for, there are alternatives to Skype that you can use on many devices. Alternatives for family group calls, to work, to give lectures or classes or even to make video calls while you play.

Best alternatives to Skype

Google Hangouts

One of the most classic although not widely used, but one of the best alternatives to Skype is Google Hangouts. Focused for a long time on the professional field but also on the staff, it is not as well known as Skype and the others. It allows meetings with up to ten people and the application is free and cross-platform: you can access it from your computer but also from iOS phones or tablets or from Android phones or tablets. To register you only need to have a Gmail account with email and access.

It is comfortable and free and allows up to ten people making it ideal for group video calls. Beyond using it for video calls, you can use it as a regular chat tool, to send written messages, attach photos … And its multiplatform function is one of the most interesting options if you are going to use it for teleworking, for example.

Google Duo

Beyond Hangouts, Google has Duo, a messaging and video calling application. The duo works on any device and is compatible with Android, iOS, iPad and the web version so you will not have problems connecting. And if you have smart speakers with a Google display, you can also use them for this. In addition, it allows group video calls with up to eight people so you can also use it for any group conference you want.


FaceTime is one of the most popular video call applications in recent years and is compatible with mobile devices or desktops. But it has a problem: it can only be used between iOS users. You can make video calls with FaceTime from the iPhone, iPad or from brand laptops or computers but you will not be able to do it from any PC or from any Android phone so the possibilities are more limited when it comes to communicating with friends and family because it will depend of the device they have at home.

FaceTime is included on all Apple devices and you can make video calls using Apple’s emojis, for example. It also allows you to make group video calls with versions equal to or greater than iOS 12.1.4 and with a maximum limit of 32 participants, which makes it one of the best if you are looking to make conversations with many people. Of course, all of them will have to use iOS.


Discord is a free, complete and recommended application for teleworking or for any other field. It is free and works through servers that you can connect to. Group video calls allow up to 50 people and allow very interesting options such as screen sharing for tutorials, limit the number of times each user can write, add bots, add installed games … It is one of the most complete and elaborate options. If you want something complete, it can be perfect for you. If you are looking for a simple and uncomplicated alternative, perhaps it is better to bet on the classic messaging applications that you already have.


WhatsApp is one of the best alternatives to Skype if you are simply looking for something to always have on hand. The advantage is that practically everyone has WhatsApp and that it is one of the most complete messaging tools: it allows video calls, group chats, individual chats, voice calls … The drawback is that the web version does not have the possibility of video calls, although you can send written messages, attach files, send photos, etc.

We all use WhatsApp every day so it is one of the best alternatives to Skype if you are looking to make video calls with leisure friends or family, one-time video calls. It is not the best for the workplace because it is not comfortable not to have it available in a computer version. Also, the other drawback of WhatsApp is that group calls allow a maximum of four people. Of course, for your day to day or for individual video calls it may be the best option.


Zoom is not a new application but in 2020 it has become fashionable in order to telework since it offers the possibility of video calls with up to 100 participants, which makes it very interesting if you want to meet online with the whole family or if you want to meet your entire company in one conversation. Up to 100 free participants or even 1,000 participants at the same time if you bet on the paid version. But with conditions: these group meetings have a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting, then you will have to recreate it again. If you want more minutes, you have to pay. It is focused on the point of view of “meetings” that a host can create and that other users who have a username and password that allow them to join. Or you can add you contacts from the phonebook of the mobile phone.

It is not focused on the day to day and we do not recommend it if you are looking for alternatives to Skype to call your friends or your cousin. Yes, it is a good option to give work talks, for meetings, for conferences or to teach students since they can connect without audio and simply listen to what you are saying. It also has many useful options that allow you to share files directly from Google Drive or Dropbox, share the screen or even access a perfect whiteboard to teach what you need through it.