Five ideas to start a small business in a successful way

If your most desired dream is to own your own business, but you are still looking for the idea that will allow you to get closer to your purpose, then this post is ideal for you. It is a selection of 50 business ideas taken from the 1000 Business Ideas blog , among which you can find all kinds of ideas so you can select the one you like best and adapt it to start your business.

Today there are many people looking to leave the corporate world to do something that fuels their passion. People don’t want to retire at 60 (or more) and looking back, feeling like they wasted their lives.

Fortunately, today it is incredibly easy to start a business from scratch without investing a fortune. Below I have compiled a list of 75 different ideas that you can start for little money and from the comfort of your home. Some do not require more than an internet connection, and others require certain licenses or skills … you decide!

Leaving the life of an employee to be the owner of his own business is the dream of many people. But what to do when there are few resources available? In this article, you will learn some ideas to establish a small business with low investment.

Franchise or own business?

If you are a novice in the business field, the first decision you must make is regarding the business model. It is necessary to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the two main options (invest in a franchise or open your own company) to discover which of these is ideal for your need and profile.

There are a number of quirks that deserve your attention. For example, while the frenzy  has standardized and immutable processes (which have already been successful in another location), the option of opening your own company allows you to manage in the way that you prefer.

As for financial resources , investment in a franchise tends to be easier to measure in the medium and long term, since there is prior planning with a specific schedule. On the other hand, the possibility of expanding their own business and gaining representativeness in the market is attractive for many entrepreneurs, which justifies the option of opening their own company. It all depends on your profile and what you want.

Five ideas to start a small business

First, you need to identify an unmet demand in the sector or in the segment in which you intend to act. It can be a problem for which there is no solution or improvement process, either with superior quality, a more competitive price or differentiated attention.

To be certain that the idea is viable and justified in the region’s business ecosystem, it is worth investing in a market analysis . Thus, you can understand the profile and demands of consumers, the situation of the competition and possible business relationships with suppliers. Then, brainstorm some ideas for establishing a small business and evaluate the options according to your reality:

1. Logistics

Investing in the logistics segment can be a good option in large shopping centers. With a small investment in motorcycles and medium vehicles, it is possible to compose a fleet for quick deliveries, between small distances, in order to streamline the corporate day-to-day.

2. Cleaning

People who work and study outside the home tend to have little time for housework and cleaning at home. In addition to investing in household cleaning, you can create a company that specializes in post-site cleaning, in ecologically correct environments, upholstery or carpets, for example.

3. Events

Consider establishing a small business to plan, organize, and budget for events such as graduations, birthdays, and weddings. The client raises the demands and the company works to meet these conditions in the best way and for the least value.

4. Education

What is the value of a well-trained professional? Depending on demand, it is possible to provide language, disinhibition, public speaking, leadership, etc. courses. There are several possibilities, and almost all require a low initial investment.

5. Beauty

The beauty business offers a wide range of investment alternatives for those who want to establish a small business. From cosmetics to hair removal to skin cleaning and styling, there are many options for both women and men.

Lastly, it is important to remember that, regardless of the idea chosen, it will take a great deal of dedication to make the business profitable. Patience and perseverance are conditions for success.

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6. Make Chatbots

At they quote me as Murray Newlands, an expert in ChatBot , and says: ‘Ten years ago all companies needed a website and five years ago all companies needed an app, today all companies need to open the door to Artificial Intelligence messaging and chatbots ”. This creates opportunities and jobs. You can learn how to do them for free by learning to program, and then make them to companies.

Chatbots are today and we are at a point where all companies need one. Chatbots have become a great opportunity for companies to interact with their customers, gather information, and improve their marketing and customer service efforts. You can start creating chatbots quickly without programming. I made the free tool, but there are many options. All you need is:

  • Read about bots and their functionality
  • Create an account
  • Learn about the company that needs a chatbot
  • Create your bot
  • Launch it on Facebook Messenger

And you don’t require programming courses.

  • The platform is incredible because:
  • Work with Facebook Messenger and your comments.
  • Can show promotions to customers on demand
  • Recognize variations in keywords
  • Can process Facebook orders
  • Integrates with almost all existing payment platforms
7. Accounting services

Are you good with numbers and want to work from home? To be a freelance accountant all you need is your degree, and be good with numbers. There are many tools to learn how to make invoices and keep things clear with the Treasury.

8. Personal or virtual assistant

Although these jobs don’t sound as glamorous, the truth is that they pay well. If you have already had a similar job in an office, you will see that the digital version gives you much more freedom. Use platforms like to find clients and you can choose:

  • Your clients
  • Your schedules
  • Your rates
9. Marketing services

Marketing does require some experience and knowledge. Having said this, if you don’t have experience, invest in a digital course that is not only inexpensive but will give you the necessary tools to start a marketing agency that you can grow in the future. There are many options in this field that are opened every day, such as influencer marketing.

Companies are always looking for freelancers who can offer them optimized texts for Google and who can convert their visits into potential clients. You could also offer to upload content to their sites and improve their SEO with:

  • Meta descriptions
  • The right titles
  • The correct keyword density
  • Tags and categories
  • Optimized relevant images
10. Social media consultant

Who doesn’t love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If you’re good at social media, but don’t have professional training, both Twitter and Google offer comprehensive courses with recognized certifications that require very little investment. Social media is a business with unlimited potential and a customer base that can span the globe. And it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to die anytime soon, if at all, we’ll see the rise of new platforms further expanding the possibilities. And you can use administration tools to make your job easier.