20 away some Tips how to grow your YouTube channel

Grow your YouTube channel.  YouTube reaches more people between the ages of 18 and 49 than any other cable network in the United States and generates 4 billion daily visits. This means that you do not have to think twice when choosing a platform to market your company’s videos.

In the world of video marketing, there is no doubt: YouTube is king. The number of channels that earn more than $ 100,000 a year grows 40% annually. And of course, it is also a great vein for brands.

Creating, editing and uploading videos to YouTube is the essential first step in video marketing … but the process does not end there. Growing a YouTube channel covers many different areas and requires expert marketers. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and resources that can chew you on so don’t miss this list!

However, for many users, YouTube is a domain for high-quality media. The creator’s record in HD, with their own lighting umbrellas and settle for nothing less than perfect sound quality.

For these reasons, setting up your business on YouTube properly, with goals in mind and a plan to reach them, can seem daunting and expensive. How to make a name if there are already so many professional YouTube channels?

In this lesson you will learn a strategy with which you can create a YouTube channel and earn a salary within a year if you do it right. This is the SEOTUBE strategy and consists of 5 steps. These steps are based on consumer psychology, SEO and common sense, and will help you to make your YouTube channel grow as far as you want. I insist: as long as you do it well.

1) YouTube Creator

Sometimes the best help is from within. In YouTube Creator Hub you can find resources to improve your videos, find your audience and grow your channel. Creator Academy has a great catalog of tutorials to inspire you when recording and editing amazing videos. And finally, you have a help center ready to help you if any problem arises.

2) Tubular

Tubular Insights (formerly known as ReelSEO) is a fantastic resource for viewing video marketing and internet advertising analytics, tricks, and trends. Tubular is the only company that tracks all video content, across all platforms and devices, on a global scale. His expert advice is especially intended for digital marketers and video content producers.


3) VidIQ

VidIQ offers a suite of YouTube tools to help creators and marketers grow their channels and improve brand awareness. It has a browser extension with video rating, SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, and more.

4) TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is a YouTube browser and app extension that brings extra functionality to the website. With it you will find everything you need to develop and manage your channel: optimization, SEO, keyword research, tag management, analytics, productivity, batch processing, marketing, title and thumbnail tests … the most complete!


5) Google Ads Keyword Tool

Surely you already knew this tool, but had you ever thought of using it to plan your videos?

Google Ads Keyword Planner was designed to research keywords for search engine advertising campaigns. But the truth is that it is a very complete tool and that can be used for many of your online marketing campaigns. Enter a few keywords related to your YouTube channel and explore the suggestions, you will surely find new ideas!


6) YouTube autocomplete

This “tool” is so simple that you might not have even thought of it: type something in the YouTube search engine and look at the auto-complete suggestions. These are the terms that users are looking for, so you can certainly use them to get inspiration and offer them the content they need.

7) YouTube Analytics

Again, the best YouTube tools are … on YouTube itself! YouTube Analytics allows you to monitor the results of your channels, videos and content with metrics and reports in real time. Lots of data is available in different reports, for example, reprints, traffic sources, or demographic information.


8) Social Blade

This tool collects data from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Daily Motion, Mixer, and Instagram and uses it to make charts and follow-up diagrams. It includes super useful information such as estimated income and future projections, both with numerical data and with graphs that are easy to understand at first glance. It has both web and mobile applications.

9) YouTube Super Chat

Super Chats are a great way to monetize your channel and interact with fans through live broadcasts. Fans can purchase credits from Super Chats to make their posts stand out through highlighted positions and colored underlines.

10) Patreon

Patreon is a platform for creators, aimed at helping them monetize their content. Fans agree to donate a small amount per month or per content, and this money goes directly to the creator. And of course, it supports creating and publishing your content on YouTube.

11) YouTube Earnings Calculator

This tool allows you to estimate how much a user can earn on YouTube, based on a commonly accepted CPM range and the average number of visits. Use it to make your growth projections or to find out how much the competition may be earning.


12) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most widely used online marketing and social media management tool, and with good reason. It is used to program, publish, select, monitor and analyzes activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress and more. If you do video marketing, you can use it to upload, edit, schedule, share, measure and analyze your videos on your social networks.


13) YouTube Studio

The music library of YouTube Studio is invaluable access when looking for music for your videos. You can find both royalty-free songs and sound effects.

14) Canva

The thumbnails on YouTube are critical to capture the attention of visitors and improve ratios click. And with Canva, you can create them yourself in a very simple way.

This design tool includes thousands of templates for your designs, to which you can add visual elements and texts. Use it to create unforgettable miniatures.


15) Remove.bg

Do you have the perfect image for your video, but you have plenty of background? We have the solution!

Remove.bg is a free tool that allows you to remove the background of any photo. Just upload the image and the site will automatically identify people, crop them, and allow you to re-download the image with a transparent background.

16) Pixlr

A great photo editor to modify your thumbnails or other graphic elements that you use to promote your YouTube channel. You have a ton of editing options available, like creating layers or adding effects. A very good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


17) 3Play Media

Making your videos more accessible not only shows your brand’s social commitment but can also help you get visits and grow your YouTube channel. With 3Play Media, you can achieve this by easily incorporating subtitles, transcripts, and audio descriptions into your videos.

18) Bitly

Many YouTubers shorten the links in the descriptions to make them more pleasing to the eye and save characters. If you want to do the same, you can use an application like Bitly or Hootsuite’s URL shortener. Also, this will allow you to individually track links and see if users actually click or ignore descriptions.


19) Lightworks

One of the best free video editors on the market, ideal for those who take video marketing seriously. It is so powerful that it has even been used for famous movies like The Wolf of Wall Street or Pulp Fiction. In addition, it allows direct export to social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram itself.

20) WeVideo

If you still don’t dare with a professional video editor, this tool can be a good option to get started.

WeVideo is very intuitive and easy to use, it is cloud-based and has an app for both Android and iPhone, that is, you can edit videos directly from your mobile. As in the case of Lightworks, you can directly publish your videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.