Netflix : Why It is too much famous for the streaming?

Netflix, Inc. is a US-based entertainment company operating globally whose primary service is the distribution of audiovisual content through an online platform or VOD ( Video On Demand ) service by broadcast Live (in English Streaming ). Located in Los Gatos, California, the company was created in 1997 and a year later it began its activity offering a DVD rental service through the postal mail. Netflix is ​​currently involved in the production of audiovisual works: from the creation or acquisition of the product to its worldwide distribution.

In 2000, even with DVD rental as the only service, Netflix introduced a personalized recommendation system, based on the rating of one to five stars that its customers made of the materials they rented through its website. The continuous improvement of this system -which in 2017 would be changed to one of “thumb up” / “thumb down” – as well as the use of other data that the platform obtains from its clients known as data-mining or data mining, It is considered as the main cause of the company’s success. 

In 2007, Netflix started its VOD service in the United States, exclusively to be used through personal computers; from 2008 different options are added to access the catalog by live broadcast: video game consoles, smart televisions, tablets, etc. On February 25, 2007, his billionth DVD entered. In 2009, its physical catalog offers 100,000 titles and its clientele exceeds 10 million subscribers.

In 2011, the company began operations for the first time outside the United States and Canadian territory, offering its catalog by live broadcast in the Latin America and Caribbean region. In 2012 it offers its services in some countries in Europe, and from 2016 it offers its contents to the whole world with the exception of the Crimea region, and the territories of North Korea, China and Syria.

On January 16, 2014, the nomination for the documentary The Square for an Academy Award became the first in history for an original Netflix production. Items in Spanish are the world ‘s most successful series The paper house and Elite, both located in the Top 10 world most-watched series in the world in 2019. In January 2020, the platform has approximately 158 million customers worldwide, the majority outside the United States.

Netflix is currently crowned as the main distributor of movies via streaming without counting the hundreds of servers and pages where film releases can be enjoyed illegally in the world, profits continue to increase in the same way that customers, surely nothing could be better, could it?

A great advantage of Netflix is ​​that it cares about keeping an updated catalog, buying rights to a movie that has just come out of theaters is crazy, it is true, we can not ask for that yet, but we can wait a couple of months to enjoy them through this Format. Although it is true that this practice is against getting rid of certain content every certain time.

In Mexico, there is the possibility of enjoying brand new releases, thanks to Cinépolis and its Cinépolis Klic service for renting movies online, at an affordable cost that reminds me of the service of the disappeared Blockbuster, although it is true that we cannot attribute the same success that Netflix enjoys, similar platforms but with a very unbalanced influx between them.

Netflix emerged in 1997 in California, United States as a postal delivery DVD rental company. Throughout its history, the company has undergone various transformations until, by 2019, it is a media company that participates in audiovisual production from the conception or acquisition of the product to its dissemination, in this case through an online platform. 

The myth created by the company itself indicates that it all started when Reed Hastings rented the movie Apollo 13 , on the Blockbuster video club chain , and when returning it a few days late, he had to pay a fine of $ 40. Resigned, Hastings decided to create a chain of video clubs without fines or commitments. However, in the book Netflixed: the Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs, the co-founder of the company, Marc Randolph, relates that the idea arose based on the desire to start an e-commerce business that would ultimately choose DVD as its product.

Netflix Original Series

The huge profits generated by subscriptions is evident, now Netflix is ​​in charge of producing its content. They have begun to produce series and also films, there are no limits, of course, the continuity of them depends on many factors, among them the acceptance of the public and the popularity they begin to take among people, which can be measured on social networks .

It is true that Netflix has begun to develop different productions, of all kinds and for all tastes and almost all have managed to be a resounding success on their platform, a great surprise for the company. But they are not the only ones who have chosen to make their own content, Amazon is also focusing on this type of market, although they have not taken off in the same way and little is said about them.

As I was saying, the original productions of the company continue thanks to the public. To all these series and films a meticulous study is carried out in which they analyze all the total reproductions around the world, along with the rating that is given, they can begin to track the tastes that we could call universal, endowing the company of at least a hint about your results.

Although the public’s decision lies in the continuous production of this content, also the instinct and intuition of the directors continues to weigh heavily on these decisions. That is, if there is considerable consumer acceptance of any series, this decision could be undermined by the subjectivity of Netflix executives on content and its future on the platform.

The exclusive content Netflix has become one of the main attractions for people to pay a subscription and consume these productions. Many of us remember well the famous series Breaking Bad , undoubtedly from my point of view one of the best series-produced so far. Well, Netflix took advantage of the resounding success to release a spin-off about the life of lawyer Saul Goodman .