Perfect Adequate answer of ‘why should i hire you’ ??

Employers ask many different questions during an interview. Because they only have a short window to assess whether or not you may be suitable for the role, they want to understand a few key things at the end of your interview. Those things include whether you are good company culture, whether you can be successful in office, and how you can contribute to your short and long-term business goals.

One question employers can ask you is: “Why should we hire you?” While it may seem like a difficult interview question, there are a few steps you can take to prepare a thoughtful and impressive answer.

It is one of the most typical questions in a job interview and with which many companies can conclude their interview. It’s about the question: Why should we hire you? It is at this time that the candidate must take command of the interview. And at that moment express, briefly and concisely, the reason that makes you unique to other job applicants.

Why should I hire you?

Unfortunately, there is no correct or adequate answer that ensures your incorporation into that job. It depends on multiple factors: the priorities of the applicant company, the professional profile of each of the candidates, the criteria that the recruiter decides to use, etc.

However, what we can do is offer you a few tips so that you can find out what makes you stand out as a professional. Thus, you will know how to find common ground with the job position offered. In addition, you will be able to give the best reasons that win the interviewer’s decision.

To be able to answer the question properly, you must first be very clear on whether you fit the job. If not, it will be very difficult to transmit it to the interviewer. The jobs you apply for should always be commensurate with your abilities and aptitudes. Otherwise, you will be wasting time, because at some point your candidacy will fall. If so, you will have wasted time that you could have spent searching for offers more related to you.

We can always falter before a specific requirement, but you must meet the vast majority of conditions that the company has set. In most cases, ignorance of one program or work technique can be replaced by knowledge of another with a similar mechanism. Comment or learn it before the interview in order to demonstrate that you are 100% prepared.

And most difficult of all: believe yourself qualified for the position. If you are convinced that this job is done for you, now is the time to get the interviewer to be, too.

You may be a shy person by nature, but don’t be scared for this reason. Currently, there are infinite techniques that can help you make this characteristic so common among people who disappear. Even if you are not, it is very common to respond shyly to a public presentation or a job interview. In any case, we must be able to manage it.

Throughout the job interview, and especially when this question is asked, you should be more than prepared and confident. Do not lower your gaze or constantly change your posture. The interviewer should see that you are really sure of what you are saying. If you succeed, you will be doing much of the work.

Nobody is convinced by a person who is not sure of himself or knows how to achieve his full potential. Hence the importance of putting aside your shyness and get your best attitude. The attitude you maintain at the job interview may be your greatest competitive advantage. So keep your shyness, control your nerves and show security: you are worth a lot.

Points to emphasize

Even though you are faced with a great opportunity when asked “why should we hire you,” the task of selling yourself can be daunting. You do not only have to choose your words with great care, since the tone and attitude showed when speaking can also say a lot about you.

• You must show that you are unique. More than any other question, the most important thing you have to demonstrate is that there is something that makes you unique and differentiates you from other candidates.
• Show confidence in yourself. If you are convinced that your qualifications are more than enough, you can get the interviewer to be as well.
• Adding a personal touch can be effective. Explaining some previous success can make the investment of hiring you more attractive.
• You can show off a little. It’s okay to be bold. Selling in this way can be more effective.

Mistakes you should avoid

If the interviewer asks you directly “why should we hire you” , you should make sure not to fall into some of the most common mistakes in this situation. This question can be very useful for your aspirations, but you have to be careful.

• Try not to overdo it. When it is done, it becomes very obvious to people who spend so much time doing interviews and listening to answers.
• Avoid listing again everything on your resume. They probably have already read it. In this opportunity you have to take advantage to contribute new information.
• Don’t be in a hurry to finish the question and move on to the next question. It may seem like you don’t have much to say about yourself.
• Don’t be arrogant. Bragging is fine, but there is always a limit. Bragging is the opposite of selling yourself.

Sample response

When they ask you “why should we hire you,  you should include specific details about your experiences. This example should serve as a basic guide for building your answer.

As you can see from my resume, I have the necessary qualifications and several years of experience, but that does not reflect the unique advantages that I can provide to the company. In my last job, I was given the opportunity to expand my skill set and I even managed to accumulate a lot of experience in different positions that were above my work level. I am convinced that I can contribute to this company more than any other candidate.

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